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Coffee Talk with SNCOs

Action Items:

1. Child Day Care / Family Care Coordinators:  Can we review our demand for CDC and youth center during family days? We’ve previously had a demand as we had security forces, ops, and maintenance with a 24/7/365 mission. Now that the MDG is moving to DHA, they no longer get family days off. With that additional demand, can we please check to see if we can and should be keeping the CDC and Youth Center open on family days? OPEN.

2. Private Organizations Name:  Some questions that have been brought up during these coffees could be answered by networking and communicating between organizations, units, and peers. Continue to encourage base level organization participation, while maintaining individuality of booster clubs. Dedicating time to both squadron-level and base-wide organizations can bring problems or questions to a larger forum allowing them to be looked at from different angles.

    • Also, when creating names for squadron or group level please consider base wide names that already exist, private orgs have common names such as “Top Three” or “5/6”. OPEN.

3. Social Media Feeds:  Are we using the right social media outlets to get to folks? There are a lot of Facebook pages and most aren’t well-known. To help, we’d like to put the links to the official and/or helpful pages on our FE Warren homepage.  I’ll ask PA to take a shot at this! OPEN.