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  • Things to do in Cheyenne without breaking the bank

    I have lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for more than twenty years. When I chose to write this article, I thought that I knew nearly everything there was to know about the city and the surrounding area. After a bit of research, though, I found that there are a lot of things I did not know and there is a lot more to do than some might realize.Yes, we all
  • Getting ENERGIZED on Coffee Talks

     I’ve been thinking a lot about teamwork during my first six months here at the Mighty Ninety. As you know, my three priorities remain:  Executing the mission, supporting our Airmen and families, and of course, teamwork. Teamwork is really the support mechanism enabling us to both execute the mission and provide support to our folks. It seems
  • Heels through the museum

    Taking trips for work are a routine occurrence for me as a Public Affairs Airman, but my most recent trip was the first time I regretted my shoe choice.Let me break this down for you. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force has four hangars filled with aircraft and artifacts and on the first day, I walked nearly five miles in high heels.For all
  • Five minutes could save a life

    If you were to imagine someone with the personality blend of Oprah and Ellen, you might just think of Aiesha Bass. She immediately gave off the impression of one who is ambitious, resilient, determined – and wants that means. Aiesha grew up in Texas, never imagining that her life experiences would lead her to where she is today, or the Air Force.
  • Creating high performance through job satisfaction

    Do you like your job? Do your Airmen like their jobs? If you answered no, why? How you answer those questions can say a lot about your organization. Believe it or not, you can create a better workplace for your Airmen.At the bare basics, think about what people need and want from a job. Abraham Maslow’s book “A Theory of Human Motivation,” tells us
  • Lead people effectively not efficiently

    A good test of leadership is how your team reacts to a fire drill. In the moment of a crisis or exercise, will your team be professional or juvenile? How the team handles a drill or an exercise directly reflects on how well you prepared them.Throughout my career when conducting fire drills, I was instructed on my responsibility to get out of the
  • Leadership in an Airman's eyes

    I am coming up on two and a half years in the military. I have achieved many things in this short amount of time but have yet to supervise my own troops, something I am really looking forward to. When asked to write a commentary about leadership, I geared my thinking towards leadership qualities I have seen or learned rather than skills I have had
  • To teach or apply ROEs

    When I was a plebe at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, the stories of “Lone Survivor” and “American Sniper” were just making headlines as tales of heroism and tragedy, providing raw accounts of the true war in the Middle East. While I admired these men and women for their courage and sacrifice, what I truly wanted to know was if anything could
  • The time we saved a life

    As Airmen, we are constantly preparing to be ready for the worst days of our lives. We live by a fit to fight ethos and maintain readiness for the most extreme of emergency situations. Though, sometimes we realize we aren’t just prepared to fight for our lives and remember that we are trained to fight for every free life in the United States. My
  • Preventing suicide - starting with myself

        There is rarely a day that passes when I do not think of ending my own life.     Some days, my depression is an overwhelming weight to bear and it takes nearly everything I have just to push the thoughts away and get on with my routine.     Other days, and even on good ones, the thought creeps up out of nowhere – an insidious sense of doubt.