The Mission


Supporting the F.E. Warren Air Force Base Mission Through
Sound Environmental Stewardship

The U.S. Air Force environmental team is recognized as world leaders, with environmental stewardship woven into the heart of the Air Force mission.

The four pillars of the Air Force environmental mission are quality, conservation and planning, pollution prevention, and restoration. 

The Environmental flight works with all elements of the base, regulatory agencies and the community to ensure the job gets done in a sustainable manner. By working cooperatively, team F.E. Warren will continue to comply with environmental laws, preserve the natural environment, and accomplish its mission.

environmental management system

F.E. Warren EMS is the system whereby the 90th Missile Wing protects the environment while fulfilling its mission to defend the United States with the worlds premier combat-ready ICBM force. See our EMS Commitment Statement.

Natural resources

The natural resources program is responsible for management of pest and weed control, protection of threatened and endangered species, Pronghorn and Canadian Goose interference, protection of wetlands and to improve opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Cultural Resources

The cultural resources program is responsible for preserving the F.E. Warren AFB historic and cultural properties. F.E. Warren is the oldest continuously active military installation in the United States.  

Air Quality

The F.E. Warren AFB air quality program operates under the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality for synthetic minor operating permits. The installation resides in an area of attainment for all pollutants.

Water Quality

The water quality program ensures regulatory compliance in drinking water, storm water, wastewater, and water rights at F.E. Warren AFB. General and shop-specific training is available.

Memorandum for Record - Notice of Violation (National Primary Drinking Water Regulations)

2023 Consumer Confidence Report - F.E. Warren

2023 Consumer Confidence Report - Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities

Contact Information

EMS Program Manager – 307-773-4356

Natural Resources Program Manager – 307-773-5098

Hazardous Waste Program Manager – 307-773-2801

Hazardous Materials Program Manager – 307-773-2594

Cultural Resources/Asbestos Program Manager – 307-773-2598

Water and Lead Program Manager – 307-773-4359

Air Quality and Fuel, Petroleum, Oil and Liquid Tanks Program Manager – 307-773-2415

Hazardous materials

The hazardous material program is responsible for the review, authorization and usage guidance of HazMat at F.E. Warren AFB.

Hazardous Waste

The hazardous waste program is responsible for the oversight of all hazardous waste activities on base, this includes activities generating, accumulating, monitoring, disposing and responding to hazardous waste incidents.

fuel, petroleum oil and liquid tanks

F.E. Warren AFB maintains storage tanks across three states and two EPA regions.