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  • 9-1-1 what's your emergency?

    Christmas Eve The snow was rolling in over the mountain top and it was going to be a white Christmas somewhere, but in those mountains sat four snowmobilers, unbeknownst to anyone, desperate to be rescued. Most of the F.E. Warren Air Force Base’s 37th Helicopter Group Airmen were at Christmas Eve gatherings. Some were planning for Santa’s arrival,
  • Shattered dreams of Brooklyn

    The youth from F.E. Warren competed in a nationwide competition. In the heat of the summer, 90th Force Support Squadron Youth Programs kids found relief in the challenges of photography and thinking outside of the box. In their own little world, they created art that would be viewed by people across America. One such artist that stood out like a
  • Meet the 90th SSPTS First Sergeant

    It’s no secret that for a group of people to thrive peacefully, there needs to be an unbiased party who can bring an objective perspective. That’s where our first sergeants come in to play. First sergeants are vital to the health and morale of the enlisted force, which contributes directly to mission success. The 90th Security Forces Group has
  • Military couple pursue success together

    A family with both parents pursuing a successful career can be challenging. Add the military as that successful career and it becomes the epitome of our core value of excellence in all we do. Recently celebrating their nine-year anniversary, Staff Sgt. Miguel Guajardo, 90th Medical Group dental clinic NCO in charge of logistics, and Senior Airman
  • My first mission trip

    I’ve been in the Air Force almost two years now and I often find myself feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated at work and in other areas of my life. It can be easy to fall into a spiral of low morale and complaints and sometimes things don’t seem like they’ll get better. If you feel the same way, just know it’s not the end of the world and things
  • 43 Years of dedicated service

    Mr. Stephen West will be retiring on 4 Aug., 2017 after 43 years of dedicated service to his country. West has served the F.E. Warren community as both an enlisted senior noncommissioned officer and a Department of Defense civilian. “I will miss the people that I work with more than anything,” West said. “There are a lot of medics within this group
  • Silent Sentinels: Security Support Squadron

    Security forces is easily the largest career field in the Air Force, with a wealth of cool pictures out there of defenders posted with their weapons, training military working dogs or defending the base at the front gate. But the part of security forces that people often overlook is the Airmen behind the scenes. Where do those defenders get their
  • 90th MDG opens new clinic for women

    The 90th Medical Group recently opened a new Women’s Health Clinic which is now open and accepting patients. The section was added to equip women to confidently take charge of their overall health and fitness and to realize the importance of being seen on a regular basis. “The goal of the Women’s Health Clinic is to ensure that women feel more
  • Maintainers try their hand at new SF simulator

    Recently, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron personnel were able to participate in the Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives simulator. They were given the experience to provide an external perspective on the value of the training. “I have a much deeper perspective for what the cops actually do after attending this training,” said Tech. Sgt.