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  • Compassion, hard work can pay off

    “When they initially told me I was a candidate to compete to be recognized by the Vice Chief of Staff, I thought to myself ‘wait a minute, me?,” said Tech. Sgt. Ashley Ishmon, a Defense Paralegal for the Area Defense Counsel, describing the moment she found she was in the running out of everyone in her position in the Air Force to be recognized and
  • Stepping toward a healthier You

    "A good diet is vital for military operations,” said Jodi Keithley, a registered dietician who works for Health Promotion on F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming. “The food that we eat directly affects us, empowering us to think, react, and respond.”Keithley works with Alison Morrell, an exercise physiologist, to compose Health Promotion, an
  • Pushing through

    In 2018, Airman 1st Class Diego Lozano had never thought about joining the Air Force.“To be honest, I took the ASVAB to get out of my high school calculus class,” confesses Lozano. “I didn't take it seriously at all.” However, when Lozano got his test scores back, he was surprised to see how high he scored. “All the recruiters surrounded me,
  • 90th Missile Wing honors troops of Mogadishu Mile

    Beginning at 5:42 a.m., October 4, 1993, U.S. Army Rangers, and soldiers of Delta Force and the 10th Mountain Division began retreating from Blackhawk helicopter crash sites after the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia.Nineteen Americans died and 73 more were injured in the battle, but those who survived the initial firefights were not out of harm’s
  • From boots to barre

    A dimly lit theater begins to fill up as spectators trickle in with a program in one hand and a drink in the other. The only light comes from that which is shining onto the stage. Behind the stage is Brittany Hill tuning out the noise of the growing crowd, with earbuds gracefully playing the music of the ballet. The movements dance through her mind
  • Hard Flex

    Standing in front of the mirror, arms up flexing and camera flashing, a little voice asks, “Dad, why are you taking pictures of yourself?”“I am going to compete; I’m going to do a competition to show my muscles,” said Maj. Richard Bottinelli, to his five year old.The journey to a bodybuilding competition was filled with potholes and mountains to
  • Anything Moms Can Do, Dads Can Too

    When a stay-at-home parent is mentioned, it’s easy to imagine a mom manning the home front, armed with snacks and cleaning supplies, ready to fight off germs, clutter and toddler chaos. This misconception can be especially abundant in military families where many may think of the man being the one in uniform. Fortunately, it’s 2019 and a myriad of antiquated ideas about how a family should look are fading away. One particular family going against the stereotype is the Barrandeys.
  • Capt. Marriner receives nomination for Alison Award

    The U.S. Air Force Academy Falcon Foundation established the Alison Award in honor of Maj. Gen. John R. Alison, a decorated World War II and Korean War veteran, also known as the father of Air Force Special Operations. The award was established to recognize commissioned officers who exemplify the Air Force by demonstrating outstanding character and
  • Coming to America: Refugee becomes Airman

    Nineteen years and about 6, 000 miles ago, a 9-yr old girl and her mother, speaking only French and broken English, fled a small village in Liberia, in the midst of a tumultuous civil war and trekked to the United States. With no documents, not even a birth certificate, the two left behind a life of sleeping in mud huts and getting their water from rivers in pursuit of something better, in a place they considered closer to heaven…America.
  • She Served: In honor of Women’s History Month

    Since July 8, 1948 women across the United States have answered their Nation’s call and sworn to defend this country with their life. They have all raised their right hand to be Airmen in the U.S. Air Force and all military branches.Some of the women that paved the way for the current generation are:Esther Blake was the first woman ever to enlist