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  • She Served: In honor of Women’s History Month

    Since July 8, 1948 women across the United States have answered their Nation’s call and sworn to defend this country with their life. They have all raised their right hand to be Airmen in the U.S. Air Force and all military branches.Some of the women that paved the way for the current generation are:Esther Blake was the first woman ever to enlist
  • Power beyond measure: making the choice to make a difference

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson   Messages of inadequacy and crushing statistics that show high rates of crime and homelessness can often prevent foster youth from reaching their full potential.   1 Lt. Dominique Raemsch-Sawyer, 90 Security Forces
  • Strength through discipline to achieve excellence

    Coach Grant Taylor once said, “Negotiate with your body to find more strength.” –Facing the Giants The Air Force is not asking anyone to do a 100-yard death crawl with a 160-pound man on their back. What the Air Force has asked is for excellence in all we do, even if it’s just to the 20-yard line. “Core Values help those who join us to understand
  • It's a HICS of a system

    The Airmen at the 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron Hardened Intersite Cable System shop are among the most important at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., because they are responsible for the primary communication system used in the missile field.The HICS network connects launch control centers to launch facilities to provide the primary
  • Competitors needed: 890th Ammo Can Challenge

    Do you have what it takes to beat Maj. Lycan at the 890th Ammo Can Challenge? In 2018 the 890 Ammo Can Challenge was created at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., to increase fitness levels and spark a sense of competition within 890th Missile Security Forces Squadron Airmen. The two-minute challenge is one-on-one with the reigning champion. The
  • Eye in the sky: Intelligence Officers

    They may not be the boots on the ground, but they are the eyes in the sky, and they help our troops complete the mission. They are our intelligence officers.According to the Air Force recruiting website, one of the most valuable assets on any mission or action is information. Responsible for both protecting our information as well as collecting
  • Crank up the chiller, we don’t want a nuclear meltdown

    If the air conditioner is not working and two missileers are sharing a single-bed room the temperatures can rise quickly. To make matters worse the equipment room nearby puts off continuous heat from the various engines keeping the facility operational. To ensure the temperatures stay in check, the 90th Maintenance Group power refrigeration and
  • 9-1-1 what's your emergency?

    Christmas Eve The snow was rolling in over the mountain top and it was going to be a white Christmas somewhere, but in those mountains sat four snowmobilers, unbeknownst to anyone, desperate to be rescued. Most of the F.E. Warren Air Force Base’s 37th Helicopter Group Airmen were at Christmas Eve gatherings. Some were planning for Santa’s arrival,
  • Shattered dreams of Brooklyn

    The youth from F.E. Warren competed in a nationwide competition. In the heat of the summer, 90th Force Support Squadron Youth Programs kids found relief in the challenges of photography and thinking outside of the box. In their own little world, they created art that would be viewed by people across America. One such artist that stood out like a
  • Meet the 90th SSPTS First Sergeant

    It’s no secret that for a group of people to thrive peacefully, there needs to be an unbiased party who can bring an objective perspective. That’s where our first sergeants come in to play. First sergeants are vital to the health and morale of the enlisted force, which contributes directly to mission success. The 90th Security Forces Group has