90th Ground Combat Training Squadron

Mission & Basic Information

The Global Strike Tactics & Training Center is Air Force Global Strike Command’s Security Forces integrated training center. The GSTTC is the primary training venue for Security Forces personnel within the command. This MAJCOM training center focuses on Weapons Firing and SF advanced tactical skills, integrated security operations, nuclear operations, and bomber operations for 8 AF and 20 AF. 90 GCTS, also known as “Frontier Defender,” works hand and hand with the WYARNG/Camp Guernsey. They play a critical role for range operations, lodging and logistical support.

The primary mission of the GSTTC, located in Guernsey, Wyoming, is to provide intermediate to advanced Security Forces skills training designed to counter and destroy threats identified in the Nuclear Security Threat Capabilities Assessment (NSTCA). Individual and collective skills training will be provided to produce and maintain an integrated, elite, highly trained, and professional nuclear security force.

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