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Studio Photography

Studio photography for Head and Shoulders and Full Length photos is by appointment only for Air Force members stationed near F.E. Warren AFB.

Public Affairs (PA) is unable to support photographs from other branches. To book an Army appointment please contact the Wyoming Army National Guard at 307-772-5956.

Photos are available for official portraits as required by AFI as well as applications for special duty assignments. PA will provide chain-of-command studio photography for squadron-level and above leadership, (i.e. commander, deputy/vice commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant) as well as quarterly and annual award winners at the group-level and above.

Prints will only be provided for NAF, wing, group and squadron chain-of-command boards in commander designated command board.

Digital copies will be provided by email the day of the member’s appointment unless unforeseen circumstances occur. In that case, the photographer will inform the customer of the issue and provide an approximate timeframe to receive the product.

Each member is responsible for keeping records of photos taken. PA is not responsible for keeping photos on file.

A changing room is provided.

ISOPREPs will be handled on a walk-in basis at the PA Office in Bldg 250. Call ahead to 307-773-3381 to ensure availability before arriving.

Passport photos are no longer provided by Public Affairs. We apologize for the inconvenience. Photos can be obtained on the economy and claimed as part of a travel voucher.



Studio Scheduling

Appointments must be scheduled 24-hours in advance.

Public Affairs holds a set schedule for all photos and does not deviate from that schedule without approval of the member’s superintendent or first sergeant and photographer. To request a last minute appointment or one outside our schedule, please call 773-3381 with your first sergeant or superintendent to make arrangements.

Walk in appointments are not permitted for any rank or circumstance.

Same day cancelations and no shows will be documented. To reschedule no show appointment, the member will have their first sergeant or superintendent call PA stating the reason to reschedule. Rescheduled appointments made on our online scheduling site without calling will be voided.

Cancelation and rescheduling with 24-hour notice can be done via our scheduling site, P3.

Members must know the photo requirements such as photo size, number of prints, etc., and notify the photographer of the requirements using P3.

All members must identify the reason for the photo in the “other” section when booking and bring the package or AFI with the photo requirements listed to the appointment.




PA will not schedule a block of time for a group of people unless agreed upon ahead of time.

All names and emails need to be included when booking a group appointment.

To receive group booking approval, members should call 773-3381 to verify the request and number in group.



Photographs Available

-Official Photo: Head and Shoulders
Members must wear top half of service dress including all accouterments.
The background is grey with the American flag behind the right shoulder.


-Official Photo: Full Length
Full Length photos are largely not permitted, with limited exceptions. Please mention in "notes" section the purpose for the photo.
Members must wear full service dress.
The background is white with the member positioned at 45 degrees.


 -ISO Prep
Member must wear top half of OCP including undershirt.
ISOPREPs will be handled on a walk-in basis at the PA Office in Bldg 250. Call ahead to 307-773-3381 to ensure availability before arriving.


 If the photograph you are requesting has different requirements than what is listed above, the specifications must be provided when booking the appointment in the “other” section.  

All members must come prepared at the time of the appointment. If a member is missing any portion of their uniform such as name tape or tie, the member will need to reschedule. The photographer also reserves the right to turn away personnel whose uniform/appearance do not meet standards (i.e. too small, wrinkled, wild hair).

PA reserves the right to void any appointment if the correct information is not provided upon booking.


Appointments are only conducted on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.