SNCO Foundations Course 700

SNCOFC 700 is five days: four days standardized content and one day MAJCOM/WG specific focus. 


The SNCO Foundations Course 700 replaces the base level SNCO Professional Enhancement Seminar and will be a prerequisite for the Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy. The course provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to develop, advise and lead teams successfully, and facilitates technical expertise for transitioning from first-line supervisors and trainers to leaders of teams. The SNCOFC700 assists students in engaging in strategic leadership at the 9-skill level, offering a rich arsenal of influence tactics for changing people‚Äôs viewpoints and behaviors. It assist students in learning how to build and maintain social relationships to maximize their informal power and influence in an organization. The course goes beyond managing into a proactive stance that will take the organization forward.


SNCOFC 700 is held at the Professional Enhancement Center 
7205 Randall Ave
Bldg. 214