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Retraining Information

First Term Airman (FTA) Retraining

Definition: F​TA is an individual that HAS NOT reenlisted but might have extended within an enlistment.



4-YEAR ENLISTEE: Window opens at 35-43 months of service

6-YEAR ENLISTEE: Window opens at 59-67 months of service

Exception: FTA wanting to apply for special warfare and other early retraining programs can apply at various early dates. 

Example: FTA that is a 4-year enlistee wants to apply for special warfare. The member can apply at 24-43 months of service.

Note: FTA may have additional restrictions based on assignment codes (i.e. BoP or UIF).



Overseas FTA can apply for retraining within the first 12 months from returning to CONUS.

Note: Some Airmen are not afforded thier FTA retraining opportunity due to consecutive overseas assignments. Contact the Career Assistance Advisor for current guidance. 

Career Airman Retraining (NCORP)

​Definition: Career Airman is an individual that HAS reenlisted.

PHASE I: Voluntary process in which members with releasing career fields (Online Retraining Advisory outlines as OBJ OUT) are the only career Airmen permitted to apply for retraining.

PHASE II: Involuntary process in which members with releasing career fields, who did not option into Phase I, may be selected by AFPC and/or Career Field Manager to be involuntarily retrained or separated.

PHASE III / NCORP Closeout: All career Airmen can apply; however, if the member does not have OBJ OUT quotas within their career field on the Online Retraining Advisory they will require an Exception to Policy letter.



Career Airmen can apply for retraining at any time - with a couple exceptions.

​Exception: When Phase I and Phase II of the NCO Retraining Program (NCORP) is in effect only Airmen within career fields that are releasing can apply. Once Phase I and Phase II are complete Airmen within career fields that are NOT releasing can apply with an Exception to Policy letter.

Note: Career Airmen may have additional restrictions based on assignment codes (i.e. BoP or UIF).

Eligibility Process

Applies to FTA and Career Airmen

The eligibility process ONLY identifies if the Airman is approved or disapproved for specific AFSC retraining. 
The process DOES NOT mean the Airman is selected for retraining.

In myPers the Airman can access the Retraining section and complete/review the following three things:

AF Work Interest Navigator (AF-WIN) - This assessment tool can assist with determining AFSCs that are a good personality match

AF Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD) - This document provides AFSC descriptions and requirements to include ASVAB score requirements

Retraining Advisory - Outlines what AFSCs are OBJ OUT (AF wants to remove # of Airmen out of AFSC) and outlines what AFSCs are OBJ IN (AF wants to move # Airmen into AFSC)

*** FTA only need to focus on OBJ IN #s ***
*** Career Airmen must be concerned with OBJ OUT and OBJ IN #s ***

Once ready to apply for retraining, access the "Apply for Retraining" section in myPers.

Airmen can select 1 to 5 AFSCs for retraining.

AFPC will take approximately 20 days to provide Airmen an eligibility notification email.
*** Timeline extends during Phase I and Phase II of NCORP ***

If eligible and no longer interested in retraining, reference the Enlisted Retraining PSDG on myPers for current process.
​​​​​​​If eligible and still interested in retraining, complete steps outlined in the notification email (Package Process).

Package Process

Applies to FTA and Career Airmen

The package process is applicable to an Airman if the notification email states the member is "eligible" for the AFSC. 
This process DOES NOT mean the Airman is selected for retraining. 

The notification email will outline required actions to complete package(s) for "eligible" AFSCs. The email will also outline "ineligible" AFSCs along with a reason. 
* There may be a possibility for the Airman to submit an Exception to Policy Letter for "ineligible" AFSCs - speak with the Career Assistance Advisor *

If the Airman has questions, contact Supervisor, Career Assistance Advisor or AFPC.

The member has 120 days, from notification email date, to complete package(s).
* If the case goes untouched for 60 days AFPC will close the retraining case. Uploading documents as they are obtained will keep the case open. *

If applying for multiple AFSCs, complete separate packages for each AFSC (even if items are the same).

Once package(s) is submitted, AFPC will conduct a board each month (up to 3 times over 3 months).


If FTA is denied at the 3 boards, the Airman will not be eligible to apply for retraining again until reenlistment is completed (i.e. Career Airman).
If Career Airman is denied at the 3 boards, the Airman can apply again via myPers.

Regardless if the Airman is a retraining select / non-select the member WILL receive an email notification.