In Processing


Your sponsor will meet you and assist during your transition to F. E. Warren.  Upon arrival, check in with your sponsor and in-process with your assigned Commander's Support Staff (CSS) on the first duty day.  Hand-carry your orders and the sealed records package from your previous military personnel flight for this appointment.

Once you have signed into your new unit, the Commander's Support Staff (CSS) will schedule your Warren Welcome Center in-processing appointment that will take place within 72 hours.  Additionally, you’ll receive information on our newcomer's briefing known as Right Start.  Due to current conditions, Right Start is now virtual.   Your CSS will provide information on the location and AF Connect App for current Right Start newcomer information.  Depending on the unit, members may also have additional requirements.

The 24-hour arrival point after duty hours, is the Crow Creek Inn in Building 216.  Contact 307-773-3077 or DSN 312-481-3077 for more information. 

Your sponsor will help you with any questions or problems before your arrival and while you're getting settled. Please exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses and your travel itinerary with your sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor prior to arrival, contact your gaining unit or the Relocations Manager at 307-773-5946 or DSN 312-481-5946 for assistance.       

Warren Welcome Center (WWC) Appointment:

The Warren Welcome Center is a one-stop, highly efficient process for newly arrived Airmen and Families. The primary mission of the WWC consists of efficiently and accurately in-processing airmen and their families.

Members can expect to be fully in-processed by the MPF, CPTS, MHO, TMO, in approximately 2 hours, and complete all F.E. Warren AFB in-processing requirements within 45 days of arrival.

The WWC appointment hours are 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday in building 210, 7405 Barnes Loop.

Military members are required to wear duty uniform when in processing.

First Term Airman are required to be accompanied to the WWC in-processing appointment by their sponsor or unit member.

Members are encouraged to bring dependents with them to the WWC appointment. 

For more information, call the WWC manager at (307) 773-5816.