Child and Youth Education Services/School Liaison

Laramie County School District 1, is the district your student will be attending if you plan on living in Cheyenne Wyoming.  The mission of LCSD#1 in cooperation with students, parent, staff and the community, is to guarantee a high-quality education in a safe and orderly environment for all students, inspiring them to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens.  LCSD#1 consists of 4 High Schools, 6 Junior High Schools, 29 Elementary Schools and one Charter School K-5 and one Charter School 6-8 grades.  Information on schools and the district can be located on For new families online registration at is where you will need to start.  After completion of the online registration all documents should be brought to Central High School or McCormick Junior High School.  If you move during the school year and your school is in session you will bring documents to that school.



As long as you are assigned to TLF (located on the installation), then your children will be able to attend the schools that are located in the central triad.  LCSD#1 is divided into 3 triads. If you reside off the installation or are in contract quarters you will have to register your student based on your address and they will be assigned to that school in which you reside.  Please check with your School Liaison for additional information concerning the rules that apply to students and placement if you choose to move off base out of TLF but want to continue with attending at the school in which you registered while in TLF.   



You will find that our military families that are stationed at F.E. Warren reside all throughout Cheyenne.   If you plan to live on the installation your student is part of the central triad and would be assigned to one of the schools in that triad. As of Oct. 1, 2019, 14,300 students were enrolled in the district with all 3 triads relatively balanced at the elementary level; East, South and Central triad.


Alternative Schooling (Private, Parochial & Charter)

The opportunities for private, charter and parochial schools offered in the Cheyenne area are

Saint Mary’s School

Destiny Christian Academy

Trinity Lutheran School

PODER Academy



More than three percent of the American student population is educated in the home.  In Wyoming, it is estimated that in 2019, 2,885 students were homeschooled.  Each year the WDE has seen an increase in families who choose to educate their children at home.  A home-based educational program in Wyoming must meet the requirements of a basic educational program pursuant to the Wyoming state Statute 21-4-101 (a) (vi)...  Please make sure that you are utilizing an Accredited Version of Curriculum to ensure easy portability if the decision is made to transfer back into a public school.  If you plan on homeschooling your student it is a requirement that you contact LCSD#1 to receive proper documentation that will need to be approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tracey Kinney. You will be required to complete a verification of homeschool form that is also attached.

F.E. Warren Homeschool Group – FEWarrenAFBhomeschool   facebook page

Information and Resources: Homeschooling Community


Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

If you are Q-Coded as an EFMP family, F.E Warren has one EFMP-FS.  Please contact the Coordinator at your gaining Installation with all questions regarding IEPs, 504s, schools, etc. as they will be the primary point of contact during your transition.  Our office will assist as required.


F.E.Warren EFMP-Family Support

F.E. Warren: Ms. Brittany-Hankinson-McGovern @ (307) 7735944


Children Ages 0-5, Youth & School Age Programs - For all childcare please visit to register. 

If you have children ages 0-5 that are not yet school age and want further information or resources available: website   Dr. Tracey Kinney @ 307-771-2121

Deanna Black, Youth Programs Director   307-773-2564

F.E.Warren School Liaison Nancy Warner   307-773-5943