Base of Preference

BASE OF PREFERENCE (BoP)​- BoP is accomplished via vMPF; however, the below information is intended to assist Airmen and supervisors in understanding the base of preference program for Reg AF.

Note: This site is not all encompassing. Please review myPers and vMPF for most current guidance and regulations.

Career Airmen BOP

​​​​​​​The Career Airmen (Airmen on their second or subsequent enlistment) BOP program has been DISCONTINUED. This includes all aspects of the Career Airman BOP Program to include 4-year Code 50 and any In-Place actions. 

First Term Airmen BOP

The First Term Airmen (FTA) BOP program is a reenlistment incentive under the Career Airmen Reenlistment Reservation System (CAREERS) program (AFI 36-2606). 

FTA  are allowed to apply in conjunction with reenlistment and retraining for…

- a Continental United States (CONUS)-to-CONUS PCS BOP

- an Overseas (OS)-to-CONUS PCS BOP

- an In-Place (IP) BOP to remain at current location

FTA in the CONUS may apply for a CONUS-to-CONUS BOP and an In-Place BOP at the same time.

Preferences are considered in the exact order listed.

Manning at current location is not a factor; however, manning at requested location must remain below the CONUS average for the Airman’s career field upon arrival.

FTA Eligibility

CONUS-TO-CONUS – Apply at 8-mo TOS

OS-to-CONUS – Apply during DEROS forecast cycle

IP – No TOS minimum

- Never applied for FTA BOP and enlistment category “1”

- Selected under Selective Reenlistment Program (SRP)

- Approved Career Job Reservation (CJR)

- Must reenlist within 30 days of BOP acknowledgement 

FTA Ineligibility

- Selected for assignment

- Holds Assignment Selection Date (ASD)

- Assignment Availability Code of 05, 08, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 25, 27, or 37

- Assignment Limitation Code of L, 2, or 8

- Currently serving under approved BOP or IP BOP 

FTA Requests without Retraining

CONUS-to-CONUS PCS – May be considered regardless of OS vulnerability or stabilized tour status and Airman with CONUS/OS imbalanced AFSC may apply

OS-to-CONUS PCS – PCS is upon completion of OS tour (DEROS)

IP – Airman lists only their current base as the requested BOP location and same considerations as CONUS-to-CONUS

FTA Requests with Retraining

- Request BOP consideration at same time they apply for CJR and retraining

- BOP consideration is in the expected retrain AFSC

- OS BOP will PCS at completion of OS tour

- Action on an Airman’s request will vary depending on preferences stated and whether retraining is accomplished by TDY or PCS

Must reenlist (not extend) to obtain retainability – request BOP before reenlisting

How to Apply

vMPF – Login

Self-Service Actions – Click on link

Assignments – Click on link

Base of Preference Application – Click on link

Complete step-by-step process

FTA applications are reviewed monthly – If you have not heard anything after 60 days request status from MPF