Special Duties

Note: This site is not all encompassing. Please visit myPers site for most current guidance and regulations.

SPECIAL DUTY ​- There are certain requirements in the Air Force which cannot be satisfied by normal allocation and assignment selection criteria because the duties require Airmen with unique qualifications.​ There are two forms of special duty. This site covers both forms: Developmental Special Duty (DSD) and Special Duty Assignments.  ​  


​​​​There are 9 Special Duty Identifiers (SDIs) as enlisted DSD positions due to their unique leadership roles and the Airman's responsibilities to mentor and develop Airmen.



8B000, Military Training Instructor

8B100, Military Training Leader

8B200, USAFA Military Training NCO​

8C000, Airman & Family Readiness Center NCO

8G000, USAF Honor Guard NCO

8H000, Airman Dorm Leader

8R000, Enlisted Recruiter

8T100, PME Instructor

8T200, Development Advisor



Do you meet the position criteria?

AF Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD)

Special Category (SPECAT) Guide

DSD Personnel Services Delivery (PSD) Guide


Is your career field releasing?

Career Field Managers post release numbers on myPers



-Airmen with negative quality force Assignment Availability Codes (AACs) are not eligible for nomination

-First Term Airmen with an Assignment Limitation Code (ALC) “L” are not eligible for nomination

-Deployed Airmen must have a return from deployment date a minimum of 90 days prior to end of DSD cycle and PCS within 90 days

-Airmen with an assignment on file may still be nominated and selected –AFPC will deconflict/determine which assignment has priority

-Members without enough TOS can be nominated and if selected AFPC will process the appropriate waiver

-No retainability requirement for local hires –However the expectation is the Airman serves the entire DSD tour

-Airmen assigned overseas that are nominated must have DEROS that coincides with DSD Assignment Cycle

-Airmen serving a stabilized tour must have an AAC expiration that coincides with the DSD Assignment Cycle

-Airmen receiving an SRB must have completed 50% of their current enlistment by the cycle RNTLD and waive remaining payments



GRADE/SKILL LEVEL: Airman must hold grade advertised/authorized (projected grade is considered)

EPR: Airman must have a rating of “Exceeded most, if not all expectations (LC)” or “Exceeded some, but not all expectations (AC)”

PTA: Airman must score 75% or above on the most recent fitness test with no failures on any portion in last 12 months (+ SPECAT)

Quality Force: Airman must NOT have any disciplinary action that resulted in Article 15 or UIF during past 3 years, or Court Martial



STEP 1: CFMs release #s and AFPC sends out vector call (~1-month process)

STEP 2: MAJCOM to Squadron vector Airmen (~1-month process)

* If member is not on the initial vector list they can be added if meet eligibility requirements

STEP 3: Airmen being considered will receive a myPers​ notification of vectoring and possible consideration for DSD

STEP 4: ​DSD Team starts the Matching process (~1.5-month process)

* Local hires matched first then PCS hires

* Airmen with waivers go to bottom of list (exceptions exist)

STEP 5: Closing Cycle (~1.5-month process)

STEP 6: Airmen receive selection notifications to continue the process

*If Airmen is not selected there will not be a notification


RNLTD start ~1.5-month after Closing Cycle


RNLTDs over the next 8 months​


​​​Some agencies, MAJCOMs, organizations, departments, and activities have Special Duty Assignments and are authorized to advertise requirements on the assignment management system (AMS) through MyVECTOR / Talent Marketplace, additionally, some may be authorized to receive applications from Airmen.



​The number of special duty assignments are vast. It is not economical or feasible to publish and maintain a grade, AFSC, and location requirements list.

Technical Training Instructor 
8 Pre-Fix AFSCs that are not DSD

Do you meet the position criteria?

Review Talent Marketplace advertisement for positions requirements
Reach out to the POC for further guidance
Review PSD Guide (on myPers)

Is your career field releasing?
Some positions will NOT require career field release (i.e. Technical Training Instructor)
Discuss with unit Superintendent or Career Field Manager

Time on Station (TOS): Airmen must meet TOS requirements in AFI 36-2110

Retainability: Airmen must have or be able to obtain retainability IAW AFI 36-2110

Date Eligible for Return from Overseas (DEROS): Airmen assigned overseas must have a DEROS that coincides with the Report No Later Than Date (RNLTD)

Stabilized Tour: Airmen assigned to a stabilized tour should have an Assignment Availability Code (AAC) expiration that coincides with the RNLTD to ensure completion of the stabilized tour
Assignment Availability Code (AAC) and Assignment Limitation Code (ALC): Airmen who have an AAC or ALC need to review AFI 36-2110 for allowances or restrictions on eligibility

* Waivers may be possible for all requirements

SPECAT Eligibility: Airmen MUST meet the specific eligibility and qualifications listed on the applicable SPECAT duty in the PSD Guide.