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Coffee Talk with NCOs

Action Items from NCOs: (September)

  • LaunchWERX Outreach:  Our NCOs feel LaunchWERX is not reaching the target audience. How do we continue to get this info out? Public Affairs is already working with LaunchWERX on their stories, but we need to keep this as an active engagement plan. We will educate people on its mission and resources. (OPR: PA and LaunchWERX)
  • NCO-tier Mentorship:  Folks were incredibly interesting in NCO-tier development/mentoring opportunities, specifically speed mentoring sessions with SNCOs. (OPR: CCC)
  • Resiliency Day Feedback:  Our NCOs were interested in the feedback from Resiliency Day and wondered if there are plans to have more resiliency events or days throughout the year. The wing is crushing it, so it is okay to take a knee. We are looking at a semi-annually (at a minimum). (OPR: CC and CCC)
  • Unite Funds:  One thing an NCO brought up was how effective Unite funds are. We need to get a handout of what the funds can do per person. (OPR: MSG)
  • Semi-Annual Heritage Events:  NCOs raved about the heritage visit to Wright Patterson AFB. We will continue this on a semi-annual basis. (OPR: DS and HO).

Informational Items from NCOs: (September)

  • Gate Feedback:
    • 90th Security Forces Group has been outstanding to make the gate change happen, especially Gate 5 access.
    • Initial Gate 2 feedback was mixed, but it is trending positive.
    • The change provided the base with an opportunity to get the Greenway linked to base and open for pedestrians.
    • Southbound I-25 speed is concerning when turning onto the base access off-ramp. We are looking to reduce the highway speed.
    • We are partnering with Wyoming Department of Transportation to put in traffic lights before the winter months.
  • Basic Allowance for Housing Issues:
    • One misconception regarding BAH is it has dropped hundreds each year.
    • BAH levels have stayed the same over last three years (O3E, TSgt, MSgt being exception). However, housing costs and availability are an issue.
    • We are opening the BAH survey longer during PCS-intensive seasons and including other zip code regions.
  • Housing (On- and Off-base) Concerns:
    • We are not providing our new inbound personnel with enough information to make good housing choices.
    • Military Housing Office is available to work with members to find off-base leasing solutions for those awaiting base housing.
    • MHO can also help negotiate other rental limitations i.e. pets.
    • The initiative for off-base privatized housing focused on 2x Senior Airman BAH levels and needs but we are not seeing a lot of progress. We are working with military affairs on civil community solutions and hoping this gets unstuck soon.
  • Conceal Carry:  NCOs asked how we are doing with that decision. We are vetting the decision right now.
  • Officer Training School Application Advice:  The most important letter in the package is the supervisors recommendation stating why you would be a good officer, how you would positively impact the Air Force, etc.

Action Items:

1. SIACs – Please confirm the number of SIACs we have that are broken. I’d also like to know the number we have on backorder.

    • WAY FORWARD: MXG was able to determine two SIACs were burned out while 4 more were taken down so the oil can be replaced.  At this time, 4 are on backorder.  CLOSED.

2. Airmen’s Shadow Program – Folks asked if we could consider starting up an officer and an enlisted shadow program.  The shadow program for enlisted should include junior NCOs and Airmen…for officers, CGOs. 

    • WAY FORWARD: Chief Bettisworth has the enlisted shadow program ready to execute. I’ve asked the CGOC mentor to please bring along ideas to the CGOC meeting next month. OPEN and in the works.

3. MAFs/LFs/LCCs Tours - Non-missile field dispatch personnel would like the opportunity to go to the field. 

    • WAY FORWARD: We have “Open House” type opportunities with OG and MXG from time to time. Let’s try formalizing this through PA and one of the OG units.
    • CLOSED and our first tour is at the end of August. Come out and see the mission!


4. Resiliency – We were asked what our vision for MRTs looks like. In the last month I’ve had similar thoughts, but should have thought more about this. Chief Bettisworth has already set up a meeting with our MRT, NCOIC to get questions and provide a vector prior to discussion in the CAT/CAB.  OPEN.

5. Speeding – We have a vehicle speeding problem.  As I brought this topic up, every single person gave me a personal story regarding speeding. Piute Street, in particular, was brought up.  Maybe more patrols or a temp speed bump is the near term solution, but this isn’t just about enforcement. It’s also about education, prevention, and early engineering.  I’d like Ground Safety to take the lead on this and work closely with PA, SFS, and CE on a comprehensive program to address the issue. 

    • WAY FORWARD: From the enforcement perspective, we’ve recently held LIDAR training for our patrolmen, and the 90 SFS will review our targeted deterrence schedule for sufficiency. 
    • OPEN and being addressed through traffic management.


6. Apiaries – I was asked what my opinion was about apiaries. I asked what an apiary was. I was told it is a collection of beehives.  I asked why anyone would think I had an opinion on that but how cool! 

    • Seriously though, we connected the person who asked the question with our Conservation POC in CE. 
    • OPEN.  This is moving forward along with a community garden project. Great idea!