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Coffee Talk with First Sergeants and Chiefs

Action Items:

1.       "Failure to Adapt." Can we extend the time frame for “Failure to Adapt” to either 180 days from arrival on station or one year?  Great question…Let’s take this on from two fronts.  JA will look into this, and it will be discussed at the Wing Commanders’ Conference with CSAF.

2.       Dorm 838.  There was a suggestion to switch MSG and SFG dorms to ensure defenders had more than one kitchen to cook on, but there may be another way to address the problem.  Dorm 838 was brought up during the Airmen’s Coffee, so this suggestion will be added to those concerns. 

3.       OG compound. OG would like a project to house all things OG under one roof.  The OG Superintendent and CE can get together on this one and see what kind of design has potential.

4.       SFG would like a parking structure.  Parking garages are low on the MILCON list, but there may be potential with HESCOs as troop training projects with RHS units to get after some of this.  SFG can work with CE on this.

5.       Urinalysis Monitors.  Every unit is going to have folks trained to do monitor duty. A tasker has been sent out to put together a group of certified personnel who can assist with unit-wide urinalysis sweeps.


Good information:

1.      Resiliency Day. Check out the Facebook Live from 14 Aug to hear Colonel Bonetti’s and Chief Bettisworth’s thoughts on this important topic.

2.      The Experimental Wing Concept. No major changes to the missile wing structure per AFGSC.

3.      Professional Organizations within groups. It has been brought up that Airmen are not joining wing-wide groups because they are already involved within their Groups and Squadrons. It's all about the name.  Consider calling it a booster club vs “Top 3" / "Top 4".  The result is promotion of wing professional development organizations to inspire cross talk.

4.      Housing Complaints. There were more complaints about Balfour Beatty to include an absence of maintenance for housing, multiple people responding multiple times to fix issues. More information about the Military Housing Organization and the Complaint Resolution Process will be pushed out by Public Affairs. Also, a letter is heading to residents soon.  Folks should not be signing that they are satisfied with tasks if the task isn’t complete.  Own that.  AF-wide, we all need to be demanding customers to our contractors, but we have some responsibilities here to communicate what’s wrong and our level of satisfaction.  Download the housing maintenance app located here.