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Thank Warren gate guards for our safety

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- As you take the exit off I-25 bearing toward Warren, you slow down, dim your lights, drive over the speed humps and pull out your identification card, and at the gate is a person, gender unknown, in green camouflage, face and hands covered in black, extending their hand to inspect your identification card. It's 20 degrees outside, two inches of snow, with the Wyoming wind blowing at 35 mph and out of all of this you hear, "Thank you very much. Have a nice day."

The person you just met is a base security forces Airman just doing his job. Just doing the job conveys a lot of significance. They work a 24-hour-a-day job, participate in exercises to better their job performance, and work around the clock away from their families, without anyone expressing or acknowledging their existence. All the while they keep all that enter our base secure.

Too many times these young men and women stand at their post for hours in the sun, rain, snow and wind without even a "thank you" from the thousands of people who pass through. Many, a few months ago, did not even know where Wyoming was or much less know that there was a base here. They stand their post in crisp uniforms and spit-shined boots every day of the year for us. Most times they work in inclement weather and, yet, they always have something nice to say. They stand at the ready to protect and serve us.

So who is that at the gate? That is Warren's finest looking out for you. Therefore, as you drive up to the crisp, camouflaged uniform, with spit shined boots, hands and face covered, who only gets warmth from the lamps above them, just take a few seconds and say "Thank you for being here." These few words will bring a little warmth to each and every one of them who stand at the ready to keep us safe.