First Term Airmen BOP:
  • Must have 8 months time on station and must complete 12 months time on station before PCS departure
  • Must have a Career Job Reservation (CJR)
    • 4 year enlistees: 35 months – 43 months time in service
    • 6 year enlistees:  59 months – 67 months time in service
  • Must reenlist within 30 days of approved BOP

Career Airmen BOP:

  • 41 months time on station (3 years and 5 months) at the time of application
  • At least 4 years time on station before PCS departure
  • Eligible to reenlist and no derogatory codes (UIF, Control Roster, Under Investigation, etc)
  • Not pending other assignment considerations (AMS EQUAL, etc)
  • May ask for BOP in any awarded AFSC not just the Control AFSC

Mandatory Mover AAC 50 BOP:

  • Can apply no earlier than 12 months and no later than 9 months before completing stabilized tour
  • All other BOP considerations apply see FTA or Career Airmen

Join Spouse BOP:

  • AD Airman is married to another AD AF or sister service member
  • Meets all PCS eligibility requirements
  • Join Spouse Intent Code updated to reflect “A” or “B”