90th Missile Wing

  Equal Opportunity Program  

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming



EO Director

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Mrs. Jill Randall


Tech Sgt. Jessie Bustos


Tech Sgt. Marcus Bias


Do you believe you have been subjected to Unlawful Discrimination and/or Sexual Harassment?

F.E Warren leadership maintains a “Zero-Tolerance” policy for Unlawful Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.
Members are encouraged to resolve concerns within the chain of command; however, members are also encouraged to visit the EO office or schedule an appointment with an EO specialist.



•Informal & Formal Complaint Processing
•Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation/Facilitation)
•Human Relations Education
•DEOCS(Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey)
•Special Observance Advisors
•Team Building/Conflict Resolution



•Active Duty Military & Dependents

•Federal Employees (Former Employees & Applicants)

•Air Force Retirees

Protected Categories

•Sexual Harassment
•Sexual Orientation
•National Origin
•Disability Mental/Physical (Civ)
•Gender Identity
•Transgender (Civ)
•GINA (Civ)
•EPA (Civ)
•Age (Civ, +40)
•Reprisal (Civ)                                                                                                                                             

Federal Employees

Federal  Employee EEO Pre-Complaint Process:

Aggrieved employees who believe they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment must consult an EO counselor to initiate pre-complaint counseling prior to filing a formal EO Complaint.


Federal Employee EEO Formal Complaint Process:

When there is no resolution at the pre-complaint stage the aggrieved person has the right to file a formal complaint. This must be done in writing within 15 days of receipt of the Notice of Final Interview of the pre-complaint process.


Time Line: Federal employees must contact the EO Office  within 45 calendar days of the alleged offense, discriminatory act, personnel action or inaction.

Active Duty Military

Active Duty Military EO Informal Complaint Process:

The informal complaint process is available as an alternative to making formal complaints. This process empowers the individual to decide on the best wat of most appropriate means to address and resolve their concerns within in the Chain of Command.


Active Duty Military Formal Complaint Process:

When individuals believe their concerns of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment can only be address through a formal process or they are not satisfied with the informal process, the EO formal complaint is the next step.


Time Line: There is no time limit for filing informal complaints. Individuals should submit formal allegations of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment no later than 60 days after the alleged offense. If the allegation 60 day window has passed, the complainant must provide sufficient justification or extenuating circumstances to the EO office for review and the Installation Commander’s approval.


 Contact Info:

 Address: 5805 Randal Ave Location: Bldg. 242 first floor, Room 101/102/103

 Phone: 307-773-6060/2741 E-mail: 90MW.ME@us.af.mil

Air Force Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment & Sexual Harassment Hotline: (888) 231-4058