Meet the commander: Col. Todd Sauls

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  • By Airman 1st Class Brandon Valle
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Col. Todd Sauls assumed command of the 90th Operations Group Dec. 3, 2014. Sauls came from the Air Force Global Strike Command Headquarters in Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, where he was the Chief of ICBM Operations. His assignment to Warren is his first as a group commander.

"Team Sauls is happy to return to Warren," he said. "This is the place where my wife and I were first stationed together, and we are still Wyoming residents."

Sauls and his wife, Suzanne, were stationed here from July 1997 to July 2000.

Sauls gained his commission through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Ohio State University in 1992 and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in History.

He went through the Minuteman II Qualification Training at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in November 1992, and graduated as a top performer six months later. His first assignment out of technical training was Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, where he performed duties as a deputy missile combat crew commander in the 509th Missile Squadron.

Sauls said he learned many life lessons throughout the numerous assignments in his 22-year career.

"Every job is the best, every location is the best," he said. "Be passionate about what you do."

Sauls has four main priorities which govern his leadership style.

"We must have a commitment to our warrior ethos," he said. "We must coach, train and mentor the ICBM professionals and leaders, we must care for our Airmen and their families and we must provide safe, secure and effective daily operations."

Though many of his leadership skills have come from personal experiences, Sauls pinpointed one movie that has had an impact on his ideas about the military.

"I watch just about every military movie that comes out, but my favorite is Patton," he said. "It shows us what a disciplined fighting force with high morale can accomplish. My grandfather was in the 101st Airborne Division in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. If it wasn't for George Patton, he may not have made it out alive and I wouldn't be here."

As a group commander, Sauls manages and sets the goals and objectives for the 90th OG.

"My current goals are to maintain a culture of continuous improvement and innovation," he said, "and an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect."

In order to manage stress, Sauls says he relies on his family to get him through.
"There is nothing better than spending a day with my wife and kids," he said. "We play with Legos, - we call it Legopalooza - and go hiking, hunting or fishing."

Sauls said family played a significant role growing up and throughout his life, laying the foundation for his Air Force career.

"Lying and laziness were frowned upon," he said. "We are all Ohio State fans, so I grew up with a lot of Woody Hayes quotes."

His favorite quote is, "you'll find out that nothing that comes easy is worth a dime."

Sauls said he appreciates the quality of work the Airmen of the 90th Missile Wing perform. 

"I have had the honor of command twice in my career," Sauls said. "It has given me an amazing opportunity to work with our nation's finest. It is inspiring to see a group of professionals that come to work across the wing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, doing the mission."

Sauls' message to the base: "Good luck; we're all counting on you."

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