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Meet Your ... Community Readiness Consultant

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  • By 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
  • 90th Missile Wing

What’s your name? 

Ron Navarra


Where do you work?

Airman & Family Readiness Center


So what do you do around here?

I’m a guy with a lot of different hats, but my primary duty is Relocations.  Basically, we help newcomers coming to F.E. Warren as well as personnel and their families that have orders to a different installations.  


Where are you from? 

Merritt Island/Cocoa Beach Florida


Were you active duty? 

Yes, I joined right out of high school in 1980.  Graduated in June, signed-up in July and was at basic training at the end of August 1980.   26 years later, I retired. 


If so, what did you do in the military?   

I was originally an Orderly Room/Personnel troop for my first 19 years and a First Sergeant my last 7 years of service. 


What’s your alma mater, if you care to share? 

My Alma Mater would be the school of life’s experiences.  I’ve lived in Europe( Germany and Belgium) for 17 years and have traveled all over the world to gather my life experiences. 


Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they? 

I enjoy cooking and love to hunt here in Wyoming.  I also build hot rods and wouldn’t trade the time with my grandkids for anything in the world. 


What are your favorite sports team(s), if any? 

Miami Dolphins (OUCH) and the Florida Gators


What do you want the wing to know about you?

’d love for folks in the wing to know about the great things we do here at the Airman and Family Readiness Center.  The AFRC is a hub of helping agencies and we have a wealth of knowledge in our building and are ready to assist our military members and their families.   


What’s your favorite quote or saying?   

Life’s about Choices.”  or  “Never insult an alligator until after you’ve swam across the river.” 


Editor’s Note: This will be part of an ongoing series highlighting civilian employees and their positions and responsibilities on base.