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  • Wheelchair not enough to stop young archer

    When she began exploring the world of archery, she was barely able to hold the bow on her own. Instructors had to assist her with simple tasks such as loading the arrows, aiming and shooting. She began shooting while she was at camp in Texas and has only seen improvement. Even though she is in a wheelchair, it does not define who she is or bind her
  • Airmen learn quiet confidence of combat skills training

    In the words of actor John Wayne, "Talk low, talk slow and don't say too much." He knew actions are much stronger than words, and the quiet confidence he portrayed became the Duke's signature characteristic. This quiet confidence is what the troops of Air Force Space Command's 90th Ground Combat Training Squadron at Camp Guernsey are trying to
  • Card helps Airmen arrive alive

    The Rising 6 organization sponsors a program that not only saves Airmen lives but reduces the risk of drunk-driving accidents. The Arrive Alive program, created to aid in the process of getting Airmen who don't have the capability to drive on their own, is one of the many Rising 6 programs. First sergeants hand out the cards to Airmen under their
  • OPSEC: Situational awareness is key

    Information comes in a variety of forms, whether a scribbled number on a crumpled piece of paper, having an animated conversation in a public place or a recall roster posted on a bulletin board. Even stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work everyday shows an observant person a pattern. "Operational security is a mindset," said Tech
  • Maj Gen Burg takes reins of 20th AF

    "I couldn't be happier to be back," said the new Twentieth Air Force commander. Maj. Gen. Roger Burg was the 90th Space Wing commander from 1999 to 2001 and took command of the 20th AF Aug. 10 at Argonne Parade Field. "The Twentieth Air Force is such a great command," he said. "It's refreshing and exciting to be here." The general's last assignment
  • Rising 6: Airman, NCO council still going strong

    Monday marked four months since the Rising 6 icebreaker, an event held in the Trail's End Club that introduced airmen and NCOs to the organization. Ever since, the response has been supportive, and the organization has grown. "The Rising 6 is going real well," said Airman 1st Class Cansu Teano, 90th Contracting Squadron and the Rising 6 airman
  • Boxing offers Warren Airmen alternate workout

    Warren's Fall Hall Community Center offers a boxing program Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. The program teaches fundamentals in boxing and gets the Warren boxing team ready for upcoming events. Capt. Rodney Ellison Jr., 319th Missile Squadron, is the team's coach. Captain Ellison said he started boxing in 2000 when he was at the U.S.
  • On-base housing attracts Airmen

    Military family housing is responsible for providing housing for Airmen and their families assigned here. While Airmen are not restricted to on-base living, if finding a house in Cheyenne proves to be too difficult, MFH will provide one for them based on availability. "Out of the 825 homes, only 690 of them are occupied," said Rocky Golden, Warren
  • Dogs provide therapy by sharing smiles, joy

    A knock on the door wakes the man from a deep slumber. The pain he feels as he sits up quickly reminds him where he is and what put him there. The irritancy at being disturbed is quieted when the hospital door opens slightly to reveal the snout of a beast.Fear's icy fingers plunge into the man's heart. What sort of monster is this? What does it
  • 37th Helicopter Squadron launches into action

    The 37th Helicopter Squadron contributes to the Warren community by conducting training, providing 90th Space Wing support and performing search and rescue missions.The 37th HS crews perform daily training to hone skills of the helicopter pilots. The training has several purposes. Keeping the helicopters fully functional and the operators trained