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  • Warren Outdoor Recreation prepares for fall, winter events

    The days are getting shorter and colder. The leaves are changing color and the distinct smell of fall is in the air. All the signs are present for Warren Airmen to get ready for fall and winter sports.Warren rests on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and its location makes it a winter-sport enthusiast's ideal destination.Outdoor Recreation has
  • Crow Creek nature trail offers peace, serenity

    The Crow Creek nature trail offers a home to a unique variety of wildlife, plant life and landscapes. Whether it's the endangered Preble's meadow jumping mouse, the federally protected Colorado butterfly plant or a source of drinking water created more than a hundred years ago, Warren provides a haven for all the different aspects of the creek.The
  • Program educates students on ICBM mission

    The Warren ICBM and Heritage Museum has a program designed to introduce students to the basic principles of how missiles and rockets work.The Junior Missileer outreach program began during Fort D.A. Russell Days this year.By drawing upon creative and simple hands-on illustrations from life, the museum staff shares the ICBM mission with the general
  • Video game sharpens golf skills despite weather

    The Warren Golf Club offers a unique way people can hone their golf skills over the colder months when temperature doesn't allow use of the golf course.The Full Swing Golf Simulator at the club is an indoor multiplayer video game with golf courses from around the world."It's a state-of-the-art machine," said Carroll Sharratt, general manager of the
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month: America reflects, remembers

    Sept. 15 marks the 39th anniversary of National Hispanic Heritage Month. This date is significant because five Latin American countries declared independence on this day: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Additionally, Chile declared independence Sept. 18, and Mexico did so Sept. 16th. In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Warren member retires after 52 years AF service

    In 1955, the same year the Pentagon announced its plans to develop ICBMs armed with nuclear missiles, a Warren member enlisted into the Air Force. He officially retired for the second time Sept. 7, having more than 52 years of military service under his belt. Bill Dickson enlisted in March of 1955 as an aircraft bomb technician for B-47s. Mr.
  • STDs: Information key to avoid being a statistic

    Despite modern day attempts to educate people and prevent sexually transmitted diseases, STDs continue to be a major problem in the United States. Everyone, no matter what age, gender or race, is susceptible to infection. Many people don't realize someone they know, even themselves, may be infected and don't take the necessary precautions if
  • New security forces weapon shockingly effective

    When police officers find themselves in situations where a perpetrator isn't life threatening, but needs to be subdued by more than just physical strength, another option is now available. Classes have begun for Warren patrol officers to train them on the proper use of the Advanced Taser gun, a non-lethal weapon that incapacitates anyone who is
  • Security forces train for real world events

    Members of the 790th Missile Security Forces Squadron participated in a simulated convoy attack Aug. 28 at an abandoned launch facility in Wyoming. These exercises are implemented every quarter and are designed to test the skills and tactics used by security forces to confront threats to the United States. "During these exercises, instead of just
  • New life to Warren: Family adopts child

    Col. Marc Piccolo, 90th Mission Support Group deputy commander, and his wife Rhonda adopted an infant Aug. 12. Joseph Alan Piccolo arrived at Warren in the morning Aug. 13. "We were ready to have a family," Mrs. Piccolo said. "We started the paperwork to adopt a child in January." The Piccolo's received a call around midnight Aug. 11, directly