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  • Skid monster helps Airmen practice winter driving

    The 90th Space Wing safety staff formulated a plan in 2003 to decrease the number of serious vehicle mishaps. For weeks, they experimented with different ideas until something dark emerged. A monster arose in their midst.Apart from being a gigantic, blue beast with a passion for causing motion sickness and disorientation, the monster enjoys panic
  • Taking care of stress, depression key to mission success

    An avionics Airman arrived at his new duty station at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., from Aviano Air Base, Italy. Changing duty stations can be a difficult task for many Airmen, but for this Airman, it was more challenging than usual."When I arrived, I didn't really have any friends, so it was hard to adjust," he said.Stress was added to his move with
  • Cargo distribution center: Bring it to them, they ship it

    The 90th Logistics Readiness Squadron's cargo distribution shop is involved in almost every aspect of packaging, shipping and receiving products for the base. Whether the materials are hazardous, explosive or excess property, the members of the center perform their challenging job successfully and cheerfully."It's a challenging job," said Mike
  • The Learning Curve: Symposium broadens Airmen’s education

    Airmen unsure of where to start or what next step to take in their education have a resource they can use. Warren is hosting its first enlisted symposium Wednesday in the Pronghorn Center.The purpose of the symposium is to better educate Airmen about the opportunities available to them here and through Internet resources. The symposium will be
  • Dirtboys: An in-depth scoop

    A vehicle races through the morning light. Noticing some delayed traffic ahead, the driver stops the car."Man, traffic is blocked again. Now I'm going to be late for work. Great, it's a street sweeper."As traffic begins to ease forward, the driver glances out his window, notices, and immediately dismisses the member of the 90th Civil Engineer
  • The Learning Curve: Commissioning programs available to enlisted

    The Air Force has several programs tailored specifically for enlisted Airmen who wish to earn a commission. In the past three years, the Air Force has selected about 20 Warren Airmen for a commissioning program.One of the primary and most identified tools for Air Force commissioning is the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. The academy is
  • POWs remembered at state capital

    Past wars with American involvement have altered the mind-set of military members. The Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Sailors that returned did not come back unscathed. Whether physically or mentally effected, their war stories depict the good, bad and ugly of those involved.There were many who did not come back at all. Unaccounted for at the time,
  • Warren celebrates Retiree Appreciation Day

    About 200 retirees attended the 2007 Military Retiree Appreciation Day and Information Fair that took place Saturday in the Pronghorn Center.This year's event was hosted by the Rising 6 Organization. Many Warren agencies provided information kiosks. Some agencies present included the pharmacy, Tricare, the dental clinic, services, finance and the
  • Traveling trunks taken to classrooms

    Members of the Warren ICBM and Heritage Museum are updating a program that has been in place for about 15 years.Paula Taylor, museum director, has been taking trunks filled with various education tools to school classrooms ever since she started working here in 1983."We have the opportunity to visit college level or preschool level classes to
  • The Learning Curve: AU ABC program makes college transitions easier

    Although Air Force education centers see many minor changes, the new Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative program is a significant one, offering Airmen who earn their Community College of the Air Force Associates degree an opportunity to go directly into a bachelor program."The [AU ABC] program is a quicker way to get a bachelor's