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  • Boy scouts: An organization packed with history in need of Warren support

    This month, the Boy Scouts of America celebrates its 98 years of existence. The organization began in England by a man named Robert Baden-Powell.As a youth, Baden-Powell enjoyed the outdoors, learning about nature and how to live in the wilderness. After returning as a military hero from service in Africa, Baden-Powell discovered that English boys
  • Carter Woodson: Origins of multiculturalism

    African Americans have impacted this country's history.America now has a month set aside to reflect on the importance African Americans have had in culture and the fabric of society.Carter Woodson established Black History month in the 1920s. Mr. Woodson, a historian, writer and educator, designed it to be only a week long event.However, the
  • Boxing: Juggling day-to-day duties with Air Force 178-pound championship

    This Airman has grown up watching some of boxing's greatest fighters such as Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Evander Holyfield. But he holds the right to call himself the best in the Air Force because he has held the Air Force light heavyweight boxing championship since 2006.Capt. Rodney Ellison, 319th Missile Squadron, won his third Air Force
  • Like father, like son: Buffalo Soldier, Tuskegee Airman

    Each February the nation celebrates the impact of African Americans on the country's history. Like other professions, the United States military is steeped with many examples of African Americans providing a huge impact and shaping the force for future members. Two great examples are the father and son team of Generals Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr. and
  • Six 90th SFG Airmen go to Mardi Gras

    Five Airmen and an escort from the 90th Security Forces Group were chosen to represent the Air Force while riding a float in New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebration Jan. 26.The Airmen departed Cheyenne Jan. 23 for New Orleans, La. After arriving, they drove to Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., where they stayed for the trip."We work pretty hard, and we
  • Multimedia provides support for base, wing members

    Their job encompasses many tasks: documenting history, providing artistic products and creating short-films to name a few. They make events timeless through camera flashes, moments captured on film, and their creative touch to an event's advertisement. Their office does a lot, bringing a literal sense to their name: multimedia."Multimedia is ...
  • Airmen improve mental health by managing anger

    A staff sergeant wakes to the annoying buzz of his alarm. He rolls out of bed and begins his day. As he is leaving his apartment his cell phone rings and his supervisor asks where he's at. The staff sergeant sighs and realizes today was the first day of spring and he forgot to set his clock ahead one hour for daylight-saving time. He rushes out the
  • Stress management: Controlling what can be controlled in life

    Positive stress can be healthy and can make someone perform better, such as taking a test or running a race. But when someone has problems dealing with stress, it can be debilitating. That's when they should seek help.The mental health clinic offers a stress management class to help those who have difficulties coping with stress."One of our primary
  • Weather forecaster’s work is never complete

    Before the duty day begins, organizations around Warren call on the support of one of the silent watchers -- the weather forecaster.The 90th Operation Support Squadron Weather Flight supplies the base and 153rd Airlift Wing with valuable weather forecasts for operations."A typical day starts at 4 a.m.," said Tech. Sgt. Aaron Wesson, 90th OSS. "We
  • Medals of Honor: Five stories of heroism

    Army Pfc. Charles George, Korean War, Cherokee from North Carolina Private George was a member of a raiding party Nov. 30, 1952, attempting to capture an enemy for interrogation. While traveling a rugged slope, under heavy machine gun and mortar fire, several members of the party were lost. Upon reaching the ridgeline, Private George combated the