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  • Preventing sexual assault in the Air Force is our enduring responsibility

    As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, clear signs point to the progress we have made in combating sexual assault. We can cite encouraging numbers in the areas of prevalence, reporting and convictions; however, this serves as only the beginning of an enduring effort. This effort must continue without pause and we must not lose
  • Reflection on the past

    After serving in the United States Air Force for over 25 years, I feel fortunate to have been a part of some very exciting times.I joined the Air Force towards the end of the Cold War, and was first stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. During my first couple of years there, we still had F-15 aircraft on constant alert at various remote
  • Living Diversity

    Kindergarten was the first time I began fielding questions about my racial background.  I had just been sent to live with my black father and his new girlfriend, in their black neighborhood. My olive skin tone and hair with a mind of its own caused me to stand out.After a few weeks at my new school, I told my dad about the questions I'd faced to
  • Practice personal safety, security

    With more information than ever available in the public realm, everyone has the responsibility to safeguard sensitive information, both on the job and at home. Information that may seem harmless by itself can be pieced together with other information to form a more complete and sometimes harmful picture by our adversaries.There are a few steps
  • Procrastination preludes the problem

    Things arise in our everyday life that can, and probably will, affect our futures. Those tasks, challenges or issues are things we need to overcome to forge the best life we can. Whether it's deciding our next career move or changing the oil in our car, waiting to take care of a simple task could cause a greater issue.Now I don't mean you should
  • FIP: Own It

    It has been about a year now since the Force Improvement Program became a part of our everyday lexicon in the ICBM community. In that relatively short period of time we have already seen numerous material improvements directly attributable to that program: OCP uniforms for our defenders, new crew vehicles and increased funding for weapon system
  • Providing shade

    In 2012, I had a long talk with my father about my future in the Air Force and of my challenges with stepping into the world of being a first sergeant.At the end of our conversation, he signed off with a Greek proverb, "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in."I chuckled with a bit of ignorance
  • Accomplishing the mission through passion, inspiration, motivation

    So, here I sit... on President's Day, right after Valentine's Day and the NBA All-Star Game, and one week to the biggest inspection we will face in two years. I am challenged to write a leadership commentary and make it immediately relevant without sounding, in the words of famed writer John Grisham, like I'm standing on a soapbox or preaching
  • Remembering the past, advancing the future

    There are many articles in the news about how far America has to go in terms of reducing bias and prejudices, especially involving the African-American community. There isn't a lack of comment or opinion on how to divide and categorize this nation along color lines.One of the things I love about this country is that, as a woman of West Indian
  • “Hit it out of the park”

    As America's pastime sport quickly enters its new season, baseball pitchers across America prepare for the season in hopes of making it to, and winning, the World Series. This can also be said about the Air Force and their preparation to be inspection ready.In order to be successful in both, it takes evaluation and preparation. As we started the