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  • Nuclear Airmen … Just Keep Laying Bricks

    It was the summer of 1980, we were struggling through one of the hottest summers in Arkansas history. I was nine and helping on my father's construction site.The foundation had been poured, it was level and absent cracks, so today was one of my favorite days to help. It was brick-laying time! For some reason, I always enjoyed everything about this
  • Learn to have a plan

    There have been nine drinking and driving incidents in my squadron alone during the last year and two months. These incidents happened both on and off base, in Wyoming and Colorado, a few had wingmen with them, but most drivers were by themselves. There have also been additional incidents from other squadrons across the wing.Unfortunately, these
  • Positive changes to EPR, WAPS

    Our current Weighted Airman Promotion System originated in 1970. Prior to that, local promotion boards were held without regard to Air Force specialty. The process was very similar to quarterly or senior airman below-the-zone boards.There was much subjectivity to the process, which resulted in many complaints. As a result, the WAPS was created to
  • Think outside the box

    Mighty Ninety Airmen work in a challenging environment. We have difficult tasks which are often accomplished in demanding conditions, and these realities are made more relevant by the significance of the tasks we are given.Our profession is vital, and the consequences of our success or failure shape the welfare and security of our nation. Our
  • Marriage is a marathon

    I've been an active duty Air Force chaplain for almost seven years and a full-time minister for a combined total of 13 years. During this time I have officiated my share of weddings and will likely do many more.I like a good wedding -- most people do -- but most people don't think about all the things that make a good wedding, much less a good
  • Prepare for winter before it’s too late

    Cheyenne and F.E. Warren Air Force Base received have already gotten their first taste of the winter season last week with a dusting of snow and cold temperatures.Newcomers to F.E. Warren may not know that last winter the temperature dropped as low as 25 degrees below zero and wind gusts, at times, exceeded 60 miles-per-hour. It can be hard to
  • Step toward self-improvement

    Self-improvement: This is a topic that we talk about all the time, but how many times do we act on what we know needs improving in our lives?We all know what we need to improve, but why don't we act to change our situation? Whatever your excuse may be, why not stop saying that today and take a step toward what you want to improve?It may be going
  • Change molds the Air Force

    To quote the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who was active around 500 B.C., "The only thing that is constant is change." He nailed the target over 2,500 years ago, and it still rings true to this day. Change is inevitable in our society--innovation, creativity, and ingenuity all breed change. Common acronyms for change include "revolution" and
  • Commit to yourself: Take “stairs” not “magic pill” for success

    Each day you are faced with making a decision, both personal and professional. In some situations the direction you choose takes little or no thought. In others, the decision may involve an eight- step process. In either case, the choice you make will have consequences, short- and long- term, intended and unintended. So, what drove you to make the
  • PCSing: A fresh start

    Have you ever thought about the positives and negatives of having a permanent change of station every two to four years? Every year about this time, as "PCS season" comes to a close, I am reminded of one huge advantage of PCSing: every time we move, we are afforded the opportunity to make a fresh start. Whether or not each member takes the time or