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  • Staying fit during chaotic times

    During this time of craziness, it's easy to get down in the dumps. You're cooped up at home and you're not able to get out to do the things you normally would.In my case, I would be going to the gym and riding motorcycles with my friends, but I can't right now (dang you COVID). However, that doesn't

  • Hoaxes, cyberattacks and scams - oh my!

    During this COVID-19 outbreak, we face unprecedented challenges touching every aspect of our lives.  This has brought out the best in many of us, including McConnell’s military and civilian personnel and their families. Sadly, these challenges also provide an opportunity to bad actors looking to

  • Caring Through Chaos

    The world has seemingly plunged into unprecedented turmoil, with fear and uncertainty driving behavior that would be unlikely never be seen in “normal times.”COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has thrust the U.S. into a state of mind that has been at times unsettling, but at least in some instances,

  • The importance of followership

    Our society embraces the pursuit of leadership.  If you want to be successful in the military, you need to be a strong leader, right?  Read any performance report, and you will have the highlights of a person’s demonstrated leadership.   If we are all leaders, who are we leading?  Leadership is

  • Selfless Leadership

    When I was asked to write a leadership commentary, instantly, nearly two dozen topicslaunched into my head all swimming around with stories and anecdotes of which could have the bestimpact, which could truly influence the reader, and which could teach and improve our Airmen.  Thingslike: genuine

  • Adopt an Airman Program Enriches Lives of Community Members

    When Troy and Melissa Amick joined the Adopt an Airman program as a Host family, they were focused on providing support, but soon discovered their lives would be enriched.“We joined the program because we wanted to ease the adjustment process for someone else,” states Melissa, recalling their own

  • Permission to Lead

    When can I lead? Do I need to wait until I’m supervising someone? Do I need to have a leadership moniker i.e. leader, chief, commander, etc. in my duty title? If not, what exactly is my role? How do I fit into the leadership structure? Throughout my career I’ve heard so many people tell me that

  • Do you know your Air Force Credit Score?

    Do you know your Air Force Credit Score?  Were you even aware that EVERY single one of us has one?  It is our individual actions that either raise or lower our score….so where do your actions put you on a scale of good to bad, high to low, trusted or avoided?  Here are some things to consider: Which

  • Know your resources: Sexual Assault

    Are you a survivor of sexual assault? Know your resources and where to seek help.If you are ready to talk to someone, you should know the difference between restricted and unrestricted reporting. Reporting OptionsA restricted report allows a survivor to confidentially disclose the assault, to

  • Things to do in Cheyenne without breaking the bank

    I have lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for more than twenty years. When I chose to write this article, I thought that I knew nearly everything there was to know about the city and the surrounding area. After a bit of research, though, I found that there are a lot of things I did not know and there is a