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  • Staying strong through the power of positive

    From gravity bombs and cruise missiles to Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, the U.S. nuclear arsenal is incredibly diverse. As Nuclear Weapons Warriors, it is our job to inspect, maintain, repair, modify and test every aspect of our arsenal. It takes cool nerves and extreme mental discipline to do our jobs. These weapons are a major component of
  • Lasting legacies

    Service and sacrifice are common bonds that unite us across generations with those who served before. Memorial Day is a special time for all Americans to reflect on the legacies of the men and women who've made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the United States military.To honor these men and women, it is our duty to ensure that their
  • Comfort and Courage 101

    I had the distinct honor of attending the U.S Marine Corps, Staff NCO Academy Advanced Course at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, Calif. in January. The first sight of a crowd of Marines created an immediate nervousness in my stomach. I started to wonder if I had prepared myself for the HOO-RAH shouting, snake-eating devil dog's who were awaiting my
  • Old ways not always better, new ways not always worse

    Throughout my career, I've heard many different ways to lead, motivate and manage Airmen; but one quote from Army Gen. George S. Patton has always stuck with me: "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity." The Air Force does a very good job of setting standards and offers unmatched
  • IG discusses new inspection method

    The 90th Missile Wing was chosen to benchmark the first ICBM wing inspection method last year, the Consolidated Unit Inspection system. The Air Force was testing the new inspection method of combining many smaller inspections into one larger, single inspection. Air Force Global Strike Command arrived with 212 inspectors and evaluated 12 previous
  • The right place, the right time

    Before coming to Warren from the U.S. Pacific Command headquarters to assume command of the greatest Security Forces Group in the world, I was already familiar with the 20th Air Force and 90th Missile Wing missions. I started my career in 1991 as a flight commander in the 89th Missile Security Squadron working in the 321st Missile Squadron area of
  • Why Security Forces?

    Last February I arrived here after commissioning through the Officer Training School, and I had no idea what to expect.I had been a proud enlisted member in the medical career field for the previous 14 years, but this was going to be different. As I transitioned to the officer corps, I entered the security forces career field and was expected to
  • Challenge the Status Quo

    What do we do now? We have had teams visit our base and ask us what we would like to change about the way we do business. We are done with the working groups who developed a course of action for leadership to consider. We have completed the investigative portion of the Force Improvement Program.Now it is time to take action. We find ourselves at a
  • Faithful to a proud heritage, a tradition of honor, a legacy of valor

    Every May, we, as a country, take time to reflect on the service of the men and women of the past. We remember their honor, their valor, their courage, and their sacrifice. The Airman's Creed states: "I am faithful to a proud heritage, a tradition of honor, and a legacy of valor." We recognize the legacy and heritage that was left for us. We dwell
  • Alcohol Awareness Month: time to educate, not condemn

    Many adults drink moderately and responsibly without complications. Having a drink of alcohol is a popular way to relax at the end of the day or spend time with friends and family. There are even indications from research that some can derive modest health benefits from an occasional drink.However, excessive drinking can have dangerous short- and