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  • Leadership capabilities: Follow Golden Rule

    Having been in command now for just more than a month, I don't feel prepared to offer any particular insight into what it takes to be a great commander. I'm still working on that one. However, I know what it takes to be a very good person and a very good leader. Being a very good person and leader starts with humbleness. The best bosses I've had
  • School may be out, but is work just beginning

    As summer approaches, most students have only one thing on their mind -- summer vacation. Yes, leisure full of summer fun is ideal. Well, school may soon be out, but for many high school and college students, the work is just beginning. Summer vacation often brings the responsibility of finding a job to earn extra income. Some students merely want
  • Safety management: 101 Critical Days of Summer begin at Warren

    This time of year, everyone seems to awaken from a deep winter sleep and readies for summer. This period begins Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend: the famous 101 Critical Days of Summer. The 101 CDS have been recognized by DoD and the Air Force as a hazardous time of the year for military or civilian members and their
  • Staff sergeant leaders: What is successful?

    I remember when I pinned on staff sergeant eight years ago. I was so proud and motivated, but I had a very hard time becoming a leader. I now had to supervise my friends. There was no animosity from them, just a lack of respect for me in a leadership position. I had to find a way to foster willing followership without demeaning them. Thankfully, I
  • What you can do for a friend in need

    In the Air Force, we constantly talk about perception versus reality. I know it's easier to be the person deployed, rather than the spouse that stays home. I've deployed once and said goodbye to my husband three times for his deployments. Each time was harder as the wife at home rather than the Airman who left. Asking for help is hard for anyone to
  • Mentoring in today's Air Force

    There are a lot of people who like to talk about mentoring. It has been driven into us at all levels for nearly a decade. It has been given to us as a tool to help develop Airmen and yet so many of us resist it. My favorite response NCOs say is, "Airmen aren't they same today as they used to be." That is true. Twenty years ago, people didn't spend
  • What does integrity mean to you?

    Integrity is a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.This textbook definition is fine and dandy, but integrity is doing what's right even when no one's looking. Those "no one's looking" occasions can be some of the most challenging.Integrity is so important, that it's the Air Force's first core value. Simply put: integrity
  • Why I bought the new Airman Battle Uniform

    I recently purchased and started wearing the new Airman Battle Uniform. You may be thinking, "So...why is that such a big deal? We all have to get it sooner or later, right?"Well, in my case, I don't. I retire this summer after more than 25 years of service.So, why did I buy the new uniform? Regardless of the time I have left in, I want to be part
  • Wing dining out: History, heritage, tradition, legacy vital to Air Force way of life

    Hopefully, you know by now that a 90th Space Wing dining- out takes place May 3.You may be saying, "A dining what?" or even worse, "Why do I care?"A Dining what? A dining-in is a formal event for military organizations believed to have began in 16th-century England, in monasteries and universities. The British Army incorporated it during the 18th
  • 90th FSS: It's your squadron too

    Did you workout at the gym this morning? Did you take your children to the child development center or youth center?I bet you went by the education office not long ago to register for tuition assistance or take a test.There are not many days people don't interact with members and activities of the 90th Force Support Squadron.Warren was selected as