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  • A medical outlook: Aircraft safety

    In preparation for writing this, I had finally picked an incredible leadership topic I was sure was going to revolutionize F.E. Warren. Then as I was sitting in an airport waiting for my flight home from a military medical conference, I realized I should focus on a safety topic instead - aircraft safety. Besides being the 90th Medical Operations
  • Winter fast approaching, anticipate dangers

    Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end, and winter is fast approaching here at Warren. I am not looking forward to the frigid temperatures and harsh winds that accompany a winter in Wyoming. Usually, as soon as the warm days of summer shine upon me, I completely forget about those nasty times I experienced during the previous winter. I throw on
  • Nuclear Surety: You are a part

    "I don't need to know about nuclear surety. I'm not accountable for nuclear weapons." Well, if you are assigned to Warren, then nuclear surety is probably part of your daily activities and likely on your mind. You just don't realize it. The personnel reliability program is a huge part of nuclear surety. Accountability, while not directly mentioned
  • Too busy to remember, too tired to care?

    This morning, like almost every other morning, my eyes open after bonking the snooze button at least of five times and finally I'll drag myself out of bed. In an hour or so, I'll climb my way up three flights of stairs, while panting reminding myself that the best is always at the top. I'll plant the same butt that just crawled out of bed into a
  • What will your legacy be?

    While I was on nuclear alert at Juliett launch control center Aug. 29, my granddaughter, Emily, was born in Cameron, Mo. Later that weekend, I watched home-movie footage of my grandparents and their posterity that was filmed in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Watching those movies of my ancestors, and hearing my granddaughter's sweet cry, caused me to
  • Rock the house; Voting officers here to help

    Once again, it's that time of year -- the time for the best things in life. Fall brings us the turning of the leaves, the start of hockey season and most importantly, election day. Unfortunately, it's also the time of year for too many people to dust off their list of excuses why they don't vote. As the installation voting assistance officer, I
  • A different Air Force; Cultural diversity at large

    The Air Force and DoD's policies promote diversity among their members and demand the use of Airmen based on merit, skills, abilities and performance -- not by the color of their skin, sex or national origin. These policies help the Air Force to become one of the most culturally diverse organizations in the world. To make the most of this strength,
  • Faith, family, coworkers help guide 30-year career

    I am near the end of a 30-year Air Force career and I am still amazed that I was "that kid" who, in 1977, told his best friend who joined the Marines, "Man; that has to be the dumbest thing you ever did because I'm not saying 'yes sir' or 'no ma'am' to nobody." Well, I found myself eating my words - I still have not mastered the act of thinking
  • Service in our daily lives Do you practice wingmanship?

    One of the Air Force's core values is "service before self," which service members adopt by joining the armed forces. All of us freely chose to raise our right hand and swear to defend our country. This is only the beginning of our service. Many of us will volunteer in either the local community or Air Force community. There is one service we are
  • How to stay safe for Sturgis, everyday riding

    For those of you who are like me, the sound of freedom can come in many different forms: A passing fighter jet or a C-5 airplane landing or the playing of the national anthem. I think of motorcycles. I love when people riding motorcycles get together and ease down the road. All the pedestrians stop, stare and think to themselves, "I wish that was