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  • Twenty-four hour alerts return

    It was in this spirit that Twentieth Air Force initiated an introspective review of the ICBM mission to strengthen our combat capability. By looking through the AFSO21 lens, we aimed at resolving inefficiencies in our processes and translating any potential savings into a more lethal, professional and capable Air Force of the future.In operations,
  • Every Airman an ambassador to all we meet

    You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Especially as defenders of our country's freedom, we need to pay attention to how we behave on and off duty.The Air Force core values of integrity, service before self and excellence in all we do is an excellent guide for the way we are supposed to act as Air Force members.People look at a
  • Excellence begins with standards

    How many times have you heard, "What does it matter if my uniform is pressed or my hair is cut? It doesn't affect the way I do my job."The simple answer is, "because those are the standards." So why is so much emphasis placed on these small details?These indicators are how we determine if we want to use a service or product. Would you eat at a
  • Professional development: Not just a block to be filled

    Whether it is airman leadership school, NCO academy or senior NCO academy, we all have professional military education we have to attend throughout our careers.However, there are other courses that can enhance your supervisory and leadership capabilities: the NCO enlisted professional enhancement and the senior NCO EPE courses.The NCO EPE course is
  • Warren members make a difference

    We are confronted with challenges every day in the Air Force. Sometimes, those challenges seem so overwhelming and difficult that we will never make a difference. It is sometimes difficult for us to see how we can change or fix things in our organization.For instance, in the early '60s the Boston Bruins were the worst hockey team in the National
  • Warren rocks!

    I've been assigned to Warren for about eight months. I'm still getting used to understanding Twentieth Air Force issues, but I have come to know this base well.Our mission here is very important and one that most Americans know little about. The young men and women who perform this mission are outstanding Americans who often do not appreciate the
  • Six little words

    "Shirt, have you got a minute?" Many conversations for a first sergeant start with these six little words. What follows can be anything from "I lost my I.D. card" to "I've lost a family member."No matter the issue, it's important to the individual, and therefore, it's important to their first sergeant. People are our business.Have you ever thought
  • Doggone leadership

    It's a bad guy's worst nightmare. An 85-pound "blur of black and gray fur" running after him at 35 miles per hour and closing fast. When he looks back, he sees two big green eyes fixated on him and only him, and then notices the sharp teeth extending from black lips to take a bite out of the slowest part of his body.Knowing that if he keeps running
  • Excellence: Are you just going through motions?

    Excellence. It's a hard concept to fathom. How would you define excellence? Is it in the old Army motto, "Be all you can be?" Or is it just an utterance as the lead character in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" so eloquently stated, "Excellent, dude!"Excellence is easy to overlook. We are in the era of "do more with less" and "get it done as soon as
  • Creating a sense of gratitude

    I will never forget Nov. 7, 2004.Just past noon, my family and I almost lost our lives on a two-lane road in rural Virginia.We had just been hit head-on by a young man who had swerved into our lane as he came around a sharp curve. He was going about 45 miles per hour when the crash occurred. Both of my daughters had to be flown to a children's