90th Missile Wing

Francis Emroy Warren Air Force Base is home to the 90th Missile Wing, which was activated July 1, 1963, with the original designation of the 90th Strategic Missile Wing. Warren became the nation's first operational ICBM base with the introduction of the Atlas missile in 1958. Today, the Mighty Ninety operates 150 Minuteman III ICBMs on full alert 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The 90th Missile Wing employs approximately 3,361 military members and 964 civilian employees. Family members of assigned military members add another approximately 5,445 to the local population. Also, some 5,000 military retirees reside in the area. For more information, check out the 90th Missile Wing Fact Sheet

90th Operations Group

The 90th Operations Group consists of more than 300 operators, facility managers, and support personnel. It is composed of three missile squadrons, an operations support squadron, and a standardization and evaluation element. Each tactical missile squadron is responsible for five Missile Alert Facilities and 50 Minuteman III ICBMs. The units of the 90th Operations Group include the 319th Missile Squadron, 320th Missile Squadron, 321st Missile Squadron, and 90th Operations Support Squadron.

The 90th Operations Group provides command and control of 15 Missile Alert Facilities and 150 intercontinental ballistic missiles in a 9,600 square-mile area across three states.  The 90 OG is comprised of the 90th Operations Support Squadron, 319th Missile Squadron, 320th Missile Squadron, 321st Missile Squadron, and a Standardization and Evaluation element.

Missileers of the 90 OG work together with pilots, maintainers, chefs, and facility managers to accomplish the mission of providing the President of the United States, the nation, and its allies with a secure, safe, and effective nuclear deterrent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

90th Medical Group

Through a vision of "Community Wellness," the Medical Group promotes care of the human weapon system -- our most valuable resource -- to meet the wing mission. By offering preventive health assessments and the expert resources in our base health and wellness center, prevention activities are integrated into personal and family lifestyles.

The 90th Medical Group consists of two squadrons: the medical operations squadron includes bioenvironmental engineering, dental, family advocacy, family practice, flight medicine, health promotions, immunizations, life skills, optometry, pediatrics, physical therapy, public health and PRP.

Learn more about the 90th Medical Group

90th Missile Wing Staff Agencies

The 90th Missile Wing Staff Agencies provide command management and a wide variety of services to almost everyone on base. The agencies working directly for the wing commander, vice wing commander and the command chief include: Airman and Family Readiness Center, the Comptroller Squadron, Wing Administration, Protocol, Public Affairs, Wing Plans, the Inspector General, Staff Judge Advocate, Wing Safety, Equal Opportunity, the Base Historian/Museum, Chapel and Command Post.

90th Security Forces Group

The 90th Security Forces Group provides continuous security for the 90th Missile Wing's and our nation's most vital assets. The mission of the 90 SFG includes the protection of F. E. Warren AFB, 15 Missile Alert Facilities (MAFs) and 150 Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) on constant 24-hour alert throughout a 9,600 square-mile area spanning three states. The 90th SFG also sustains a combat-ready force deployable worldwide in support of wartime and peacetime taskings.

90th Maintenance Group

The 90th Maintenance Group is comprised of three squadrons responsible for the fleet health of 150 Minuteman III missiles and launch facilities, 15 missile alert facilities and launch control centers across a 9,600 square mile area of responsibility in the states of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, and the associated nuclear and conventional munitions in support of United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) nuclear deterrent operations.  The group performs organizational, intermediate, and depot levels of repair on power systems, environmental controls systems, and maintains special-purpose vehicles valued at $130M.

90th Mission Support

The 90th Mission Support Group provides world-class combat support enabling the 90th Missile Wing's mission while preparing and deploying warrior airmen to combatant commands world-wide. The 1,100 men and women of the group provide civil engineering, transportation and logistics, communications, contracting, and personnel and services support to 29,000 active duty, Reserve, family members and retirees, including over 4,237 personnel assigned to the missile wing and tenant units. This diverse group fully supports the nuclear mission while maintaining a robust overseas deployment commitment providing combat capability across the spectrum of conflict. The units of the 90th Mission Support Group include the 90th Civil Engineer Squadron, 90th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 90th Communications Squadron, 90th Contracting Squadron and the 90th Force Support Squadron.

Local Resources

Area Defense Counsel

The Area Defense Counsel provides free legal defense services to all active-duty members in UCMJ proceedings and adverse administrative actions. The ADC can't assist or represent members with civilian matters. The ADC staff assists members with courts-martial, Articles15, discharge and demotion actions. They are also required to assist with reports of survey, line of duty determinations, medical evaluation boards, letters of reprimand, referral enlisted promotion reports, letters of counseling, personal readiness program issues, unfavorable information files and control roster actions. All information divulged to the ADC staff is confidential. Clients are seen by appointment only.

For more information call 773-3248 or log onto the Armed Forces Legal Assistance Web site.

AF OSI Detachment 805

Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 805, is the focal point for criminal, fraud and counterintelligence investigations and services in support of Twentieth Air Force and the 90th Missile Wing. The unit covers Wyoming, northern Colorado and western Nebraska. Det. 805 works with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to identify, deter and neutralize criminal, terrorist and foreign intelligence service threats to Warren. They provide protective service assistance and threat assessments vital to the protection of Air Force people and resources. The unit also conducts joint investigations with other law enforcement agencies and provides specialized investigative services such as polygraph, technical services, forensic guidance and computer crimes expertise to resolve investigative matters.

For more information call (307)773-1852 or visit the AFOSI Web site.

20th Air Force

Twentieth Air Force headquarters is unique in that it has dual responsibilities to Air Force Global Strike Command and United States Strategic Command. As the missile Numbered Air Force for AFGSC, 20th Air Force is responsible for maintaining and operating the Air Force's ICBM force. The 20th Air Force provides on-alert, combat ready ICBMs to the president.

More information on 20th AF can be found here

AF Global Strike Command

Air Force Global Strike Command, located at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., is responsible for the nation's three intercontinental ballistic missile wings, the Air Force’s entire bomber force, to include B-52, B-1 and B-2 wings, the Long Range Strike Bomber program, and operational and maintenance support to organizations within the nuclear enterprise.

U.S. Strategic Command

U.S. Strategic Command, located at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., combines the synergy of the U.S. legacy nuclear command and control mission with responsibility for space operations; global strike; global missile defense; and global command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and combating weapons of mass destruction. This dynamic command gives National Leadership a unified resource for greater understanding of specific threats around the world and the means to respond to those threats rapidly.