90th Ground Combat Training Squadron

Mission & Basic Information

The Global Strike Tactics & Training Center is Air Force Global Strike Command’s Security Forces integrated training center. The GSTTC is the primary training venue for Security Forces personnel within the command. This MAJCOM training center focuses on Weapons Firing and SF advanced tactical skills, integrated security operations, nuclear operations, and bomber operations for 8 AF and 20 AF. 90 GCTS, also known as “Frontier Defender,” works hand and hand with the WYARNG/Camp Guernsey. They play a critical role for range operations, lodging and logistical support.

The primary mission of the GSTTC, located in Guernsey, Wyoming, is to provide intermediate to advanced Security Forces skills training designed to counter and destroy threats identified in the Nuclear Security Threat Capabilities Assessment (NSTCA). Individual and collective skills training will be provided to produce and maintain an integrated, elite, highly trained, and professional nuclear security force.

Global Strike Challenge

Global Strike Challenge is the world's premier bomber and ICBM operations and maintenance, helicopter operations and security forces competition with units from Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Combat Command, Air Force Reserve Command and the Air National Guard participating.

The competition occurs every other year, with operations and maintenance competitions occurring throughout the summer months. Security Forces teams travel to Camp Guernsey, with the 90 GCTS being the host for their portion of the competition.

The competition is designed to enhance readiness, lethality, teamwork, mission pride, competitive spirit and recognize the “best of the best” in weapons systems and technical expertise.

Our Team

  • 58 personnel
    • 54 Active Duty
    • 4 GS Employees
    • 1 Contractor


Annual Student Throughput

Executes 56 courses, 2.1K Defenders trained


Logistics & Resources

  • Largest squadron O&M budget in AFGSC ($1.12M)
  • Unit assets:  $42M
  • Vehicle Assets:  75
    • Blue Fleet:  10
    • Tactical:  27
    • Heavy Equipment:  2
    • Other Government Motor Vehicle Conveyances:  14
    • General Services Administration Vehicles:  23
      • Weekly Mileage:  23K
      • Monthly Mileage:  92K
      • Annual Mileage:  1.2M


Medical Operations Flight

  • Physician Extender/Force Multiplier:
    • Medically screens all students prior to participation in training.
    • Provides medical coverage support for 11 different MAJCOM training courses.
    • Staffs/equips a mobile Medical Aid Station (MAS).
    • Renders on-site acute ambulatory care, emergency medical care, dental treatment and patient-holding to active duty personnel at ranges/training sites.
    • Coordinates higher-level care with civilian EMS and hospital staff.
  • Education/Training:
    • Conducts Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses.
    • Maintains IDMT certifications and National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedic certifications.
    • Equipment/Supplies:
    • Maintains $300K in medical equipment, supplies, and medications.
    • Executes $30K budget.