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  • Music, art bring people together

    Editor's note: This is the third article in a series of articles about art in the Mighty Ninety.Typically soft-spoken, cool, calm and collected, Staff Sgt. Daniel Rivera, 90th Force Support Squadron Airman Leadership School Instructor, gets a gleam of passion in his eyes and liveliness possesses his voice when he discusses his passion for
  • Wing celebrates MLK’s life, legacy

    Mighty Ninety Airmen and community partners celebrated the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jan. 15 in the Fall Hall Community Center on F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo."It's a way of educating the base population and local community about the great things Dr. King did," said Master Sgt. Kim Elliot, 319th Missile Squadron
  • Spouses provide key family support

    The initial training Airmen receive when entering the military familiarizes them with the military, its culture, rank structure and life in service to the U.S.Airmen's families are just as much a part of the Air Force, but not all have the benefit of military indoctrination. The Key Spouse Program exists to bridge the gap between Air Force families
  • VTF takes care of our pets

    The U.S. Army is responsible for providing veterinary treatment to all Department of Defense animals and service members' pets. The Mighty Ninety Airmen can bring their four-legged friends to receive care at the U.S. Army Veterinary Treatment Facility."We provide the necessary procedures to ensure your pets remain healthy," said Jolene McCauley,
  • Dr. King overcame great adversity

    Like every man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a man of many great accomplishments who overcame many hardships and shortcomings. He spent his life demonstrating the monumental character and tenacity of a great leader and human being.King suffered a great deal of adversity in his youth.Throughout most of Dr. King's childhood he suffered from
  • How to survive the Warren winter

    Winter is a harsh time at F.E. Warren. With below zero-degree temperatures and icy winds, spending time outside becomes less enjoyable and more of a hassle.Many Airmen turn to spending their time inside their dorms and homes."[The] biggest threat to health and wellness are the Airmen who stay cooped up in their dorms or apartments playing video
  • New, focused maintenance team

    F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE, Wyo. -- In the wake of the Force Improvement Program, many changes to operations in F.E. Warren Air Force Base's missile complex have been made to improve the quality of life and efficiency in the field.One such improvement was the formation of a new team to streamline the maintenance done on launch control centers and
  • FIP: "Making the world's best Air Force better"

    Within the nuclear enterprise, the winds of change that have swept 20th Air Force and the wings under it, have affected many.Though change is not always welcome, the Force Improvement Program has brought new opportunities, improved the quality of life for Airmen, rewarded those who take initiative in certain career fields, and with all those
  • EOD showcases capabilities at Eagles game

    Airmen from the 90th Civil Engineering Squadron Explosive Ordnance Disposal flight and former Navy SEALs participated in a demonstration, Nov. 5, 2014, as part of military appreciation night during a Colorado Eagles hockey game in Loveland, Colo. The demonstration entailed various military tactics and equipment from SEALs rappelling onto the hockey
  • OPSEC demands much, protects much

    Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr can provide an instantaneous and highly entertaining feedback stream of your daily activities to friends and family. The latest videos of dogs running with fireworks in their mouths, kittens tumbling in the snow or Internet memes of celebrity humiliations populate the news feeds of people