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  • The Greatest Generation

    My father-in-law is the coolest person ever. His name is Leonard, and he's 81. He and my mother-in-law Pat live in a little town in northwest Iowa. They've lived there almost all their life, and they've been married for more than 54 years. My husband and I call them every Sunday. The first topic of conversation is always the same: corn. It doesn't
  • There is no such thing as a bad assignment

    When I received orders to Thule Air Base, Greenland, everyone I spoke to about the assignment laughed and said "have fun" or something to that effect. Eventually, I came across someone who was actually stationed at Thule and they told me it was the best assignment they ever had. As I talked to more people who had been stationed at Thule, I found
  • What About Spring?

    In Wyoming, spring is in the witness protection program. It's disguised as something else; a fifth season wearing a parka and flip-flops. It just can't make up its mind. If spring could talk, I think we'd commit it because of its obvious split personality. But it makes us tough. It makes us cautious. It makes us, well, patient. It seems like I've
  • Volunteering: not just for the dogs

    I've never really been the volunteering kind. I've always associated volunteering with painting houses and pouring soup bowls. Not my thing. Then two years ago, my husband and I adopted a Rottweiler through Cheyenne's Rottweiler Rescue. Well, actually I adopted her. My husband, Rob, was deployed and I called him to let him know what "we" did.
  • On that day ...

    It was a hot Tuesday afternoon. I was leaving Building 402 after updating my base vehicle sticker.As I walked toward the double-glass doors leading to the parking lot, I encountered a small group of people standing just inside the door -- two Airmen, a civilian employee and one captain. As I reached for the door, the captain said, "You don't want
  • Lead, follow, get out of the way

    My first Air Force lesson 27 years ago was "lead, follow or get out of the way."A great deal has changed over the years but not the basic principle of leading or following every day. What has changed is we no longer have the luxury of allowing any Airman to get out of the way.Ask yourself throughout the day if you are leading or following and