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Default Air Force Logo Positive attitude helps Airmen make most of time at Warren
It is hard to believe that more than two years ago I took the exit towards Randall Avenue from I-25 for the first time in my life. I was nervous and did not know what to expect. I heard many negative things about this base back in technical school.The truth is the majority of the negative talk came from people who had never been to Wyoming. I
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Default Air Force Logo Where is your Bar?
Growing up, there was a bar next to the television. It was not a large bar, just one you might find in any family home in the 1980s and 1990s. We used to have one of the world globes you could open up and surprise - a mini-bar was inside! One too many military moves got rid of that novelty item and the bar moved into the entertainment center -
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Default Air Force Logo Chief remembers past as he prepares for future
As I wrap up my tour as the Mighty Ninety Command Chief, I've experienced many lasts during the month of March. My last field visit, my last visit to watch our maintainers in action, my last ALS graduation, my last staff meeting, my last guard mount. A month filled with last started me reminiscing on my first few months on the job as command chief
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Default Air Force Logo Character, courage, commitment
This month we celebrate Women's History Month, a time to reflect and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of women around the world. When you think about the women who have changed the way we view the world and the role of women in it, there are several who immediately come to mind: Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart.
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Default Air Force Logo Having a nurse at hand will soon be available
It can be tough taking care of health concerns, especially when you do not have access to your primary care clinic around-the-clock. There are many questions new parents face when they have children - what should you do about your child's fever, when should you seek care for a lingering cough, does a cut need stitches, should you go to the ER or
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Default Air Force Logo Become relevant: Invest in yourself, others, the mission
Mighty Ninety. We inherited our freedom and did not fight to gain it, however, we ensure freedom endures every day. The 90th Missile Wing projects strategic deterrence, giving other instruments of military power the freedom of action and movement. Every Airman who performs our mission directly contributes to our nation's security. With so much
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Default Air Force Logo Being prepared to face force management
It is time to face the facts: the Air Force is getting smaller. We are here to provide for the defense of our nation and the military needs to maintain the right-size force to do it. The debate will go on as to the optimal size of the military, but there is no debate that we simply cannot afford the size of the current force. I, like many, received
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Default Air Force Logo Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone)
In the fall of 1988, the hair metal band Cinderella delivered to the world a pearl of wisdom beyond their years when they melodically destroyed our eardrums with "Don't know what you got (till it's gone)." This power ballad's intended message is referring to the harsh reality lovers may face after parting ways, but it can also be applied to a
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Default Air Force Logo My First Sergeant Academy Experience
I just returned from the Air Force First Sergeant Academy and my experience was amazing. I was provided the opportunity to meet several enlisted Air Force leaders; such as our current Chief Master of the Air Force James A. Cody. However, this experience did not start off immediately at Gunter Air Force Base, Ala. Six months ago, I accepted the
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Default Air Force Logo Humility the mark of true leaders
One of the best lessons I learned about "true leadership" was from a guy who lost an election.For people too young to remember, the presidential election of 1992 was a hard-fought, cantankerous campaign. One of the issues those opposed to Bill Clinton brought up was that he had managed to avoid military service during the Vietnam
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