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Today's Air Force Reserve can provide the prior service Air Force member with tremendous opportunities. You can continue your service on a part-time basis, utilize benefits and still be a part of the Air Force.  

Benefits of the Air Force Reserve:

A senior airman with four years of service can earn over $4,000 annually. That's 63 days pay for the required 39 days of annual participation. (One weekend each month and two weeks of active duty annually.)

U.S. Air Force Reserve personnel receive one full day's Active Duty pay for each four-hour period called a Unit Training Assembly and there are 48 per year. It's normal for the four monthly UTAs to be held on one weekend per month. Attendance at a weekend UTA earns an individual four days of pay although only two actual are involved. You receive a full day of pay for each spent at annual training plus quarters allowance (if you are entitled to this benefit).

All enlisted receive $9 basic allowance for subsistence per day, $135 for 15 days or $262.50 for 30 days while on active duty.

The senior airman rate for basic allowance for housing is $181 for 15 days; the with dependent rate is $260 for 15 days while on Active Duty.

Elect the $400,000 "Serviceman's Group Life Insurance" coverage and be covered full-time for the active duty rate, and the coverage for your spouse can continue as well.

There are unlimited shopping privileges for the reservist and family at the base exchange and commissary.  

There is medical coverage and Tricare Reserve Select is available as well.

Reserve members can take advantage of space available travel. Travel anywhere in the United States, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Virgin Islands and American Samoa. 

Reserve members eat free in the dining facilities on training weekends. Members are provided with free rooms on Friday and Saturday nights of their training weekends (rooms dependent upon mileage limits).

Reserve members may be able to get a complete issue of uniforms at in-processing.

Promotions mean increased pay, authority, prestige, responsibility and a bigger retirement check. You must have the required time-in-grade, time-in-service and recommendation of the Reserve Supervisor and Commander. In most cases, prior service personnel can retain their grade held at the time of separation/discharge. 

Previous active duty time and active reserve time count toward the necessary 20 years needed for reserve retirement. At age 60, monthly retirement checks are issued as well as the blue retiree ID card, which provides all retiree benefits.

The Montgomery GI Bill affords the reserve member the opportunity to continue civilian education. With a six year obligation, the Montgomery GI Bill can pay up to $369 per month for full-time students, $276 per month for three-quarter-time students, $184 per month for half-time students, $92.25 per month for less than half-time students. The G.I. Bill Kicker can add $350 per month to existing G.I. Bill benefits (active and reserve).

The Community College of the Air Force is the only federally chartered military institution in the United States that awards college degrees solely to USAF enlisted personnel to include Air Force reservists. The Associate in Applied Science degree is awarded for successful completion of a degree program relating to a students' Air Force Reserve specialty. Admission is based on satisfactory completion of the ASVAB and basic military training.

U.S. Public Law 102-547 extends eligibility for the loans to national guardsmen and reservists who have completed six or more years of service in the selected reserve and aren't otherwise qualified. The six years of service need not have been consecutive. Service in the Individual Ready Reserve doesn't count toward the required six years for home loan purposes. For additional information on eligibility under these new criteria, contact your local Department of Veterans Affairs representative or call the VA hotline at (800) 827-1000. 

The Air Force Reserve will pay a maximum of $250 per semester for undergraduate work, reimbursing reservists for 100% of the tuition cost (up to $4,500 annually) for education programs offered by Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support. The master's degree program will remain the same this year, with the reserve reimbursing reservists up to 75% of tuition costs. 

Palace Chase/Palace Front

Palace Chase is a program the allows Air Force members to request transfer from active duty military to an Air Reserve Component (like the Air Force Reserve).

To contact the Warren In-service Recruiter:

Master Sgt. Eric Mackay

Call DSN 481-1983 or 307-773-1983 (commercial)

The address is:
7100 Saber Rd
Bldg 1284 Rm 120
Warren AFB, Wyo. 82005

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