To Get Orders: 


  • Complete the Pre-Separations Order Worksheet on vMPF To Final Outprocess:
  • DD Form 2648 – Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist (CAPSTONE)
    This will be provided to you from Airman and Family Readiness Center
  • Medical Clearance Memo
    Must be accomplished NLT 30 days prior to final out appointment with MPF.  Complete and email to the MPF at
  • Dental Clearance Memo
    Complete and email to
  • AF Form 2587 – Security Termination Memorandum
    This is provided by your Unit Security Manager
  • Terminal Leave Statement of Understanding
    Complete and email to the MPF at
  • Commander approved terminal leave and PTDY (if applicable)
  • Military Pay Form/Leave Sell Back
    This is obtained from Finance, contact them at
  • On Base Housing Residents:  BBC Outprocessing BAH reconciled Sheet
  • AF Form 3566 – Individual Ready Reserve Agreement
  • Career Skills Program (Skillbridge) Approval (if applicable)
  • PRP J-Code Change Memorandum
    This is provided to the MPF by the Wing PRAP Monitor