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  • The Air Force is protecting Airmen while protecting the nation

    How do you stand “shoulder to shoulder” in a time of COVID-19? For the United States Air and Space Forces, and indeed the entire United States military, this is no small question. It is so pressing, in fact, that the Air Force’s medical staff, in collaboration with experts nationwide, have been working nearly around the clock to answer it. It’s not hard to understand why.
  • When the Rubber Meets the Road

    Scary. Too much. Impossible. These are all words that might describe times in the life of an Airman.Those same words could also come to mind when discussing running marathons.Capt. Mary Young, Inspector General chief of operations inspections, uses a positive mental attitude and mental discipline to overcome life’s challenges and while competing in
  • AFGSC Command Chief shares own resiliency story

    Now Chief Master Sgt. Hoffman, newly-assigned Command Chief of Air Force Global Strike Command, recounted his personal struggle during his visit to Minot Air Force Base, July 23-26, 2019, and highlighted the importance of asking for help.