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  • Exploring opportunities in the Air Force Reserve

    For Airmen who are considering leaving active duty but want to continue serving, Master Sgt. Kent Kagarise is the person to see. Kagarise, the 90th Missile Wing Air Force Reserve in-service recruiter, works with Airmen who are currently on active duty, but have plans to separate or pursue Palace Chase or Palace Front.“My job is to inform Airmen
  • 20 AF staff augment missile alert force at all three missile wings

    20th Air Force headquarters staff, in an effort to support 20 AF missile wings with combat mission ready (CMR) missile operators, are beginning to pull regular alerts at all three missile wings. This effort is not only helping relieve some of the scheduling pressures at the wings but also serves as a professional opportunity for both the HQ staff
  • Diverse team supports MMIII operational test launch

    A diverse team of Airmen supported the recent operational test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • ICBM Airmen receive phone calls from CSAF over the holidays

    U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown, made calls to ICBM Airmen on alert during the holidays.
  • A family business - 20 AF directors share their mil-to-mil journey

    Something on the chart didn’t look right.  Two directors coming to Twentieth Air Force Headquarters with the same last name?  Was this a typo?  No, they each have a different first initial.  They are the same rank and are married to each other?  This is different.  But it is becoming more common to see couples working together at the same base as
  • 20th Air Force Veteran Reflects on Maintaining B-29s on Guam, 75 Years Since End of World War II

    When Sergeant John Dellinger watched the 3d Marine Division—his assigned B-29 aircraft, not the military ground force—take-off for Mission No. 330 on the afternoon of August 14, 1945, he was unaware it would be the last Allied combat run of the Second World War.The next day, the Japanese government agreed to a cessation of hostilities. For the 20th