Commissary renovation update

  • Published
  • By Nancy O'Nell
  • Defense Commissary Agency Public Affairs


Update 16 May 2017:

  • A large section of the store where the bakery was is now covered.  This was done so contractors can start to demolish the old bakery in preparation for building the new deli-bakery department. 

  • Two of the freezer aisles have been relocated.  This was done so that the new freezers can start to be moved into the space.  This area is also covered.

  • Ailes seven and eight have been moved into the warehouse which consisted of dog food, snacks, household goods, and other dry items. Signs will be posted to direct you to their location. The bread will also be moved into the warehouse in the future.

  • The meat display cases have been pulled forward so contractors can work on the electrical and plumbing for the new cases.

  • The resale floor will also be re-tiled soon.  This will be to improve the interior of the store.

  • You will hear drilling, banging, and other construction noises over the next few months and the commissary members appreciate your patience. The new store will be worth this short inconvenience.



Original article:

The Defense Commissary Agency has awarded a construction project that will give the F.E. Warren Commissary a new interior decor, upgraded equipment and provide other facility improvements. The work will begin in mid-November and is scheduled to be completed in late 2018.


“We’re excited to get this started,” said James Freeman, commissary store director. “The renovation will give the store a new vibrant color scheme and make huge improvements that will enhance the shopping experience for our customers.”


The upgrades will include replacing refrigerated display cases, flooring, signage, interior surfaces in the sales area and the heating and ventilation system.


During the construction, the commissary will be open during its normal business hours. The construction will be completed in phases to avoid affecting large areas of the store at one time, Freeman said.


“As with any renovation, some disruption will occur and we have a plan to minimize the impact on shoppers,” said Freeman. “To maintain a safe shopping environment, as the renovation progresses, we will rearrange the sales floor and move some products to different aisles.”


Despite a shift in layout, Freeman wants customers to know that the commissary will maintain its full product lineup during the construction and will have staff available to help shoppers find items.


“We will have employees available to help customers’ find products that have been moved,” Freeman said. “We appreciate our customers’ patience during this process and want them to ask if they need any help.”


Other features of the renovation include:

·            Main construction will be conducted at night with only minor construction performed during the day.

·            Administrative offices will be relocated to an unused building attached to the commissary.

·            The sales area, including a new bakery and deli, will expand into the former administrative area.

·            The holiday baking section will be in the back warehouse this year.

·            The produce department will be completely gutted and rearranged and will get a larger prep area in the backroom.

·            A new receiving area will be built for frozen and chilled foods at the back of the store.

·            All ceiling and floor tiles and lighting will be replaced.

·            Aisles will be extended by 12 feet.

·            With a larger sales floor, the store will be able to increase its product assortment by more than four thousand items when the renovation is complete.

·            Progress updates will be available for those who sign up via email (link coming soon).



Customers can thank themselves for funding the renovation.


“Commissary surcharge funds are being used to pay for the improvements,” Freeman said. “The commissary surcharge is the five percent customers pay at the checkout, which is used to build new stores and modernize existing ones.”


For more information, call the base commissary at (307) 773-3509 or visit the FE Warren Commissary on The F.E. Warren commissary page can be searched for under the location tab at the top of the website.