Changing the Trail's End, boosting morale

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Breanna Carter
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

Tech. Sgt. Nicole Boynton, 90th Force Support Squadron community center NCO in charge, is doing her part to increase morale across the 90th Missile Wing. She has been working on renovations and improving operations at the Trail’s End, since she started this position in May.

The Trail’s End hosts many events from promotion ceremonies to holiday festivities. Boynton and her team gave the Trail’s End a complete face lift and improved operations.

Gabriel Laramie, 90th FSS community services flight chief, said Boynton always puts the mission before herself.

“Her willingness to accept additional responsibility, attention to detail and personal drive directly resulted in the overwhelming success of the re-establishment of club operations at F.E. Warren,” Laramie said.

Recent renovations include the bar, conference room and even the outside of the building. Boynton has also helped increase sales at the Trail’s End, which she attributes to good financial management.

“They were running an organization too big for their budget, so we’ve tried to stay within our means and monitor what we make,” Boynton said. “We look at where we’re losing money and decide if we need to get rid of it. You have to look at it completely as a business.”

Boynton expressed that the Trail’s End gives back to the base community through various events, and she’s passionate about her job because she knows her efforts contribute to the overall mission.

“Our mission is to boost the morale of the base and keep people from losing their sanity, but a tough part of our job is that we compete with Colorado,” Boynton said. “A lot of people come back from the field and just want to get off base, but I’m willing to make anything happen to get people to want to come.”

Maj. Shannon Hughes, 90th FSS commander, said Boynton is passionate about the success of her programs.

“She goes out of her way to research, plan and execute new and unique programs,” Hughes said. “Her enthusiasm is contagious and makes everyone around her want to contribute.”

Boynton, a former missile chef, also mentioned how her experience in the missile field gives her an advantage in her current job.

“I learned what the tour cycles are like in the missile field and gained insight from talking to people, which helps me to understand what customers want,” Boynton said.

Second Lt. Alyscia Dantes, 90th FSS community services deputy flight chief, said Boynton is fearless when it comes to the unknown and tackles every challenge head on.

“I’ve never seen drive and determination like hers,” Dantes said. “She puts forth the best possible product for all Airmen and our base community.”

Boynton has served 16 years in the Air Force in various jobs within the services career field. She has worked in mortuary affairs, fitness, the dining facility and more.

“I have four years until I retire and I would like to at least make master sergeant,” Boynton said. “I’ll go as long as the Air Force will let me, but when I get out, I plan to have a farm and live in the middle of nowhere with my family.”

Boynton credited base leadership with the great work ethic it took to refresh the Trail’s End, saying the improvements reflect good leadership.

“This is all a reflection of good leadership, and if we don’t have good leaders, they won’t develop strong Airmen, NCOs and officers,” Boynton said.

Boynton leverages her own leadership skills to make sure nothing stands in the way of running a successful club for the base’s Airmen and families, which in turn contributes to mission accomplishment.