Base Pharmacy Offers Over-the-Counter Medications at No Cost

  • Published
  • By Natasha Hughes and Senior Airman Joanna Stamps
  • 90th Medical Support Squadron

How many times have you had to drive to your local pharmacy downtown to buy common over-the-counter medications to treat a short-term illness? Are you like many other Americans who make an average of 26 visits each year to grocery or convenience stores downtown to purchase common OTC medications?

According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, the average U.S. household spends about $338 per year on OTC medications.

If you have ever found yourself standing in the medication aisle trying to choose the best product for your symptoms while wishing you could get advice from a pharmacist, you may be in luck. The F. E. Warren Air Force Base Pharmacy is pleased to be able to provide more than 40 common OTC products to their patients.

The F. E. Warren Pharmacy is the only pharmacy in Air Force Global Strike Command that offers an OTC program. As of December 2015, more than 1,900 beneficiaries have been enrolled in the OTC program, which the F. E. Warren AFB Pharmacy calls the “Self-Initiated Care Kit Program,” or better known as the SICK Program.

Our friendly, knowledgeable pharmacists with the 90th Medical Group provide the SICK Program briefing about the OTC medications offered, including treatment for many illnesses, such as common cold/flu symptoms, stomach ailments, skin problems and much more.

The SICK Program is beneficial in many ways.

It saves patients time and money by avoiding appointments with their providers to obtain prescriptions for OTC medications. There is also the added comfort and convenience for the patient by having a pharmacist they can speak with who will answer questions and make treatment recommendations.

Additionally, it saves the 90th MDG thousands of dollars each month based on appointments avoided. Last year, the SICK Program saved the 90th MDG $244,000 simply by resolving unnecessary appointments.

If you believe you could benefit from receiving OTC medications, at no cost, from the F.E. Warren Pharmacy and you have a medical provider on base, then the SICK Program may be a great choice for you and your family members. All patients, including retirees, are eligible for the program as long as they have a medical provider on base and attend the SICK Program briefing.

The only patients that are ineligible are children younger than two, females who are pregnant or breastfeeding and beneficiaries who do not have a medical provider on base. All you need to do is attend one SICK Program briefing and you will be enrolled.

SICK Program briefing classes are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 2:30 p.m., in the Q1 conference room of the clinic. Due to upcoming renovation, the location may change. Please call 307-773-3461, option 2, to confirm the location.

Reservations are not needed and all are welcome to attend!