Recycling: Do your part

  • Published
  • By David Ewaliko
  • 90th Civil Engineer Squadron
The Base Recycle Center, Bldg. 948, helps keep the base clean and organized by accepting various materials.

Items accepted at the recycle center
· Cardboard (boxes, cereal, packing, etc)
· Paper (newsprint, office paper, magazines, brown packing paper)
· Scrap metal (brass, aluminum, copper, etc)
· Shredded paper (bagged)

Items not accepted
· Electronic waste
· Glass
· Plastics
· Wood products

In addition, untreated and unpainted wood products can be delivered to the base compost facility, south of the recycle center.

"Our goal is to have a fully functioning recycling center where we process our own materials and sell our own commodities," said Tammy Notch, 90th Civil Engineer Squadron pollution prevention manager. "The goal of all qualified recycling programs is to be self sufficient, funding wise, and to make a profit."

The facility and materials are already in place; therefore, the center is in need of more participation from the base community in order to see the profit. The F.E. Warren recycling program handled a total of 209 tons of material in 2013. Their goal for 2014 is 500 tons of material.

People with items not accepted by the base recycling center, can visit processing facilities in town that will accept the following recycled products.

· City and F. E. Warren residential curbside recycle collection
· Paper, magazines, cardboard, plastic, scrap steel & aluminum cans
· Cheyenne City Transfer Station located at 220 N. College, 637-6440
· two or three pieces of electronic material per day (no charge)
· Plastics #1-#7 - $.50 per plastic bag or $5 per pick-up truck load
· Blue Bin City Recycle Services Locations:
· K-Mart - 1840 Dell Range
· Lowes - 1608 Prairie Ave
· Ashley's Furniture - 3151 Nationway
· Albertson's (North) - 5800 Yellowstone Rd
· Alberton's (East) - 3355 E. Pershing Rd
· Eco Center - 2800 Missile Drive (Mondays thru Fridays 8 a.m. thru 3 p.m.)

The center is located at 7600 Booker Road, next to the hazardous waste facility. The center is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed weekends and holidays. There is a 24-hour drive-thru that has receptacles to receive recyclable material. For more information, call David Ewaliko, 90th CES, at 773-6120.