BBC town hall meeting: moves Spring, Summer ‘14

  • Published
  • By Beckah McClure
  • Balfour Beatty Communities
The Balfour Beatty Communities held a town hall meeting in the Fall Hall Community Center Jan. 23 to address concerns over the required move out of the Carlin Heights community. Airmen and their families had the opportunity to ask questions and get information about the upcoming move.

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

I'm moving, now what?
The first step is to sign and return the 'notice to relocate' form to the community management office as soon as possible. We can start making a plan for families as soon as we get the information.

When am I moving?
All residents of Carlin Heights will move in the spring or summer time of 2014. The neighborhood will move in different phases and will depend on the completion of the new homes. We will be in contact with families through the move over process and will provide the address and move in date as soon as possible.

Is this a paid move?
Yes this is a paid move. Once families have their address and move in date; we will help set up appointments with our Housing Management Office partners to receive moving orders. Families have the option of either a Traffic Management Office, Do-It-Yourself move or a partial DITY. We will guide families step-by-step.

How long do I have to move?
Typically residents are permitted seven calendar days to complete the move over from one address to another. Once in a while we may ask a family to expedite the move based on a development need and, conversely, we can, on occasion, increase the amount of time. We will work with families wherever we can.

What are the cleaning standards for my old home?
We will provide the demolition cleaning standards at the 30 day point. We only ask that homes be completely empty, appliances wiped out and trash and recycle bins empty and rinsed clean. This will be the easiest final inspection families ever have.

Will I have to sign a new lease?
Yes, a new lease will have to be signed. It will be exactly the same as the current lease, however, it will start a new one year term. Families still reserve the option to leave due to military reasons- with no termination fee.

My family size has changed. Do I get a bigger house?
Family needs are important to us. All of our new housing is three or four bedrooms. It is imperative that we know the family's bedroom requirements. Eligibility is determined by our HMO partners. We will do our best to provide a home that meets every family's eligibility. However, if we are not able to meet the requirement due to availability; we will place the families on the waitlist effective the date you move in to the new home.

We want to help make this process as easy as we can. For more information, call the community management office at 307-432-0200 or visit the BBC office at 281 Blue Spruce Dr.