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Card helps Airmen arrive alive

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. -- The Rising 6 organization sponsors a program that not only saves Airmen lives but reduces the risk of drunk-driving accidents. 

The Arrive Alive program, created to aid in the process of getting Airmen who don't have the capability to drive on their own, is one of the many Rising 6 programs. 

First sergeants hand out the cards to Airmen under their supervision. The card has a taxi cab number on it and when dialed, the cab driver takes the Airman home free of charge. The cost is paid by the Rising 6. 

"The arrive-alive card should be used as a last resort," said Staff Sgt. Marissa Morrison, 90th Force Support Squadron. "First, have a plan. Bring a buddy and use the wingman concept. If that plan fails, use the card." 

"It's all about the wingman approach," said Chief Master Sgt. Randy Tegge, 90th Maintenance Group. "Take care of each other. Make sure you have a plan and try to stick to it. Use the funded AA program last." 

"Drunk driving is a dangerous thing in our society," said Chief Master Sgt. David Green, command chief for the 90th Space Wing. "Operating a motor vehicle under the influence is inherently dangerous for anybody and the possible death that can come from that brings the realness home. Please use the program as a last resort, but have no fear of calling the number. " 

The taxi service option only works for the local Cheyenne area. The card is designed to be used by one person for one ride to their residence. 

"It's one of the best programs we have to deter drunk driving," said Master Sgt. Robert Russell, 90th Medical Group first sergeant. "It saves lives, period. However, this shouldn't be the first thing in your mind when you go out for a drink at night. Don't automatically think that, 'It's okay; I can just use my card.'" 

"Even though we feel like an adult when we join the Air Force, we still are our parents' children," he added. "It's too hard for any individual to deal with telling a mother that her son or daughter was killed in an alcoholic-related incident."