Rising 6 helps craft professional force

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jason Wiese
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
The Rising 6, an organization involved in numerous activities and events on base, offers many opportunities for Airmen to better themselves and their community.

It is an organization for individuals from the rank of airman basic through technical sergeant, said Senior Airman Maureen Maldonado, 90th Missile Wing command section and Rising 6 president.

"It gets people involved with the base," she said. "If Airmen come to meetings with ideas, we want to work to get their ideas implemented."

Rising 6 meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month, where members and attendees discuss issues affecting the Rising 6's constituency, said Tech Sgt. Lakesha Thomas, 90th Mission Support Group command section and Rising 6 treasurer.

Nonmembers can attend meetings, but when decisions are put to a vote, only members are allowed to vote, Maldonado added.

Becoming a member of the Rising 6 costs a one-time fee of $5. Members also receive a Rising 6 challenge coin, Maldonado explained.

"My reason for joining when I first came to [F. E. Warren] was that I wanted to know what activities were happening on base," she said. "It was an organization that I thought I could be comfortable in."

She said the Rising 6 is involved in many on-base events, like heritage luncheons, sporting events and volunteer opportunities.

Maldonado said the Rising 6 will collaborate with the Under 21 Responsible and Resilient program more in the future.

The Rising 6 is not just focused activities and events. It provides a place for Airmen to develop professionally. One of the goals of the noncommissioned officers in the Rising 6 is to give guidance to junior enlisted Airmen and instill professionalism. They accomplish this through mentorship and activities like mock boards, Thomas said.

"Anything we can do to make you a better Airman, a better future leader, that's what we're here for," Thomas explained.

Members of the Rising 6 are also willing to help Airmen craft their enlisted performance report bullets to best reflect their accomplishments. Furthermore, the Rising 6 is one of the best sources to find volunteer opportunities to include on EPR bullets, Thomas said.

"[Volunteering] is a small part of bettering yourself and community," she added.

Thomas said there is room for more base involvement with the Rising 6, but many Airmen find themselves too busy with work to attend meetings and events. She suggested busy shops send at least one member to Rising 6 meetings to bring the shops' ideas, and bring back information from the meetings.

"We want to make it better understood that we're here for the junior enlisted Airmen," Thomas said.

Airmen looking for ways to use their time productively and grow professionally might find it beneficial to check out the Rising 6.

For more information, e-mail questions to 90mw.rising6officers@us.af.mil or call 307-773-3023.