Education Center offers Defense Language Proficiency Test

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mike Tryon
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Those who speak a foreign language and would like the possibility of earning extra monthly pay, more Air Force Specialty Code options and more temporary-duty assignments or deployments, may consider taking the Defense Language Proficiency Test.

According to Air Force Instruction 36-2605, Air Force Military Personnel Testing System, the DLPT evaluates one's ability to understand written or spoken material presented in a foreign language, and the ability to speak a foreign language.

"We offer the DLPT here at Warren," said Sheila Taulbee, F. E. Warren installation test manager. "The test is made up of three parts; reading, listening and speaking. According to what the language is and how well you score in that language will determine how much pay you can receive.

"In order to continue receiving pay, your proficiency must be retested every year," Taulbee added. "I suggest anyone curious about the DLPT should read the AFI or call us here at the education center."

Just as missileers are required to conduct a certain number of training hours to maintain their proficiency and qualifications for their jobs, certain Air Force Specialty Codes require members to complete the DLPT not only as a prerequisite, but also as a reoccurring proficiency qualification.

Linguists who speak Arabic, for example, must retake the most current version of the Arabic language DLPT annually to keep their qualifications current.

However, according to the AFI, if Airmen are unable to recertify due to a deployment or to a location without proper Web-based testing facilities, Airmen will retain their certification for up to three months after returning to their home duty station.

Members who have their official records updated with their DLPT scores may be eligible for nontraditional deployments or temporary duty assignments as well.

For more information about the DLPT, call the base education center at 773-2117 and schedule an appointment.