COMSEC: Vital component for secure communications between base, field

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mike Tryon
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Communication security is the responsibility of every Mighty Ninety member, and those assigned to the 90th Communications Squadron COMSEC office are responsible for ensuring Warren's personnel have the tools they need to apply effective COMSEC practices.

COMSEC's mission is to ensure units have their required cryptographic key and materials which allow them to either operate their secure communications devices, decode classified messages or authenticate operational actions, explained Karl Sontag, 90th CS COMSEC manager.

"We provide the material necessary for higher headquarters to talk to our wing command post," said David Marsteller, 90th CS alternate COMSEC manager. "We also provide material that allows launch control centers to talk to one another and other components off this installation."

Due to the mission of the Mighty Ninety, many units on base utilize COMSEC equipment, and without that equipment the mission could come to a halt, Marsteller added.

"Without our material, the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network wouldn't work; no one could place a secure call," Sontag said.

Basically without COMSEC, there would be zero secure communications, including SIPRNet, for this base and all LCCs, Marsteller explained.

COMSEC personnel also inspect and monitor Warren's units to verify they are properly storing, using and protecting the material issued to them, and act as a deterrent to improper exposure of classified information.

"If you use our COMSEC services, be good, we're watching," Sontag said. "Utilize attention to detail. Remember, what you do is vitally important in protecting our nation, and ensuring we're always poised and prepared to accomplish our mission."