Meet your 2012 Global Strike Challenge ICBM operations team!

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  • By Airman 1st Class Jason Wiese
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
2012 F.E. Warren Global Strike Challenge ICBM Operations team
Capt. Mark Wullschleger
319th Missile Squadron
"I have no doubt we're going to bring the Blanchard home for the third time."
1st Lt. Matt Dyal
319th Missile Squadron
"We're not only the best missile wing in the 20th Air Force, but also the best looking."
1st Lt. Jeff Maciejewski
320th Missile Squadron
"We're looking to prove we're the best missile wing in the 20th Air Force."
1st Lt. Tyler Remkus
320th Missile Squadron
"We're going to score better than anyone else."
Capt. Stephen McVay
321th Missile Squadron
"Honestly, I'll be surprised if we don't win."
1st Lt. Joseph Buckingham
321th Missile Squadron
"My only fear is that after our victory in the competition I will become too popular."
1st Lt. Matthew Adams
319th Missile Squadron
"Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing."
1st Lt. Gary Kuhls
319th Missile Squadron
"It's a dynasty. We have an opportunity to bring it home again."
Capt. Jeremy Wyatt
320th Missile Squadron
"There's no way we're not going to bring the Blanchard home a third time."
1st Lt. Timothy Hicks
320th Missile Squadron
"We're going to win the first three-peat ever in [Air Force] Global Strike Command history."
1st Lt. Graeme Williams
321th Missile Squadron
"We're going to humiliate the other two wings."
2nd Lt. Cory Elder
321th Missile Squadron
"We're definitely going to win."