Equal Opportunity: It all boils down to respect

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mike Tryon
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Some units on base contribute directly to the nuclear deterrent mission of the base; however, there are others which act in a supporting role to the various wing units.

One office providing that support is the 90th Missile Wing Equal Opportunity Office, directed by James Hunt.

"As the EO director, it's my responsibility to administer the wing commander's [EO] program in accordance with applicable laws, statutes and directives," Hunt said.

According to Air Force Instruction 36-2706, Military Equal Opportunity Program, the primary objective of the EO program is to improve mission effectiveness by promoting an environment free from personal, social or institutional barriers which prevent Air Force members from rising to the highest level of responsibility possible.

Promoting a professional environment starts at day one of an Airman's time at Warren.

"Training occurs as an Airman arrive at their duty station, and from that time forward, we conduct Unit Climate Assessments, so commanders can assess their unit's human relations environment," Hunt said.

Along with the climate assessments, the EO office personnel assist commanders, military and civilian personnel in resolving any potential work-place conflict.

"Our job is to assist and support commanders and supervisors with enforcing the Air Force's zero-tolerance policy for unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment," Hunt said.

Hunt explained his office helps commanders and supervisors ensure the wing's Airmen -- Air Force Global Strike Command's most important assets -- are treated respectfully and fairly.

"The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing people working together in harmony to accomplish the wing mission," Hunt said. "It all comes down to respect. Respect yourself and respect others. If you can do that, then my job as the EO director will be an easy one."